RC Hobbies – Planes, Cars and RC Helicopters

RC hobbies are fun! With a wide variety of RC cars for sale, it is easy to find one that best matches your requirements. If you love flying, you won’t be disappointed when you find RC helicopters for sale. Head to specialised flight fields to try out your RC helicopter or race your boat in your swimming pool. Another exciting option is to buy a RC plane or a drone. Once you have developed your capabilities, you can even enter competitions. If you want to become a Radio Control Hobbyist, find RC planes for sale on Junk Mail.

rc plane ready for take off

What are RC hobbies?

With rapid technology advances, RC hobbies are becoming more advanced. You can enjoy hours of fun with radio controlled vehicles, boats and helicopters. When you are buying RC models it is important to know the difference between toy grade and hobby grade. Toy grade models are built to be disposable and don’t come with replacement parts.

Hobby grade RC cars, helicopters and boats can be customised to enhance their performance. Their higher quality means that they come with a larger price tags than their toy grade counterparts. The durability of hobby grade models make them a good investment. Whether you choose a RC helicopter or plane, you are sure to enjoy hours of fun with your new remote control machine.

Which RC is for you?

RC hobbies offer a wide selection of machines, which means that you are sure to find the right option for you. From flying an RC plane to operating boats, there is a variety of options out there. Not only do the types of models vary, they also come in a range of sizes, material types and colours. Another option, which is extremely popular, is to buy a drone.

RC Cars

Finding RC cars for sale is a great entry point into this exciting hobby. You will have to use the steering and throttle to control your vehicle. It is also easy to find the right place to use your RC car. Buying a truck is another option. A durable vehicle is well-suited for use on different types of terrain.

If you want to tackle a variety of obstacles, choose a model with large tyres and a good ground clearance. To add to your fun, you can build ramps and obstructions to jump over. One option is to buy the car parts and manual so that you can build the vehicle yourself. While it is satisfying to build your own RC cars, it is easy to buy a model that has already been built.

Whether you build your own model or buy a ready-made one, you can take your vehicle to the next level by customising it. New tyres, wheels and gears, can enhance the performance of your car. Once you have gained experience, you can even look for RC races. Options include both off-road and on-road courses. The type of races that you choose to enter will depend on their availability and the type of RC models that you own.

rc car showing off

RC Helicopter / Planes

Do you love flying? Take your exciting hobby to the next level by finding RC planes for sale. Once you have mastered the skill of manoeuvring cars and boats, you can put your capabilities to the test by flying an RC plane. The rapid advancement in technology has resulted in the development of state-of-the-art remote controlled aircraft.

You can buy aeroplane kits if you want to build a model yourself. Another option is to find RC helicopters for sale. While helicopters are fun to fly, they are more challenging to manoeuvre and maintain than planes. If you are just starting out, you should learn to fly a plane before you invest in a RC helicopter. That being said, there are models that have been designed especially for inexperienced users.

If you want to reach expert level, consider hiring a flying instructor. The best place to fly your aircraft is at an RC flying field where you will also be able to inquire about competitions. Another option is to buy a drone.

rc helicopter in action

RC Boats

With plenty of RC models to choose from, you can enjoy hours of fun navigating your machine across the water. Boats are available in different sizes as well as in a range of variations. You can choose between racing boats, submarines and sail boats. Agile, fast boats are a great buy. If you want to practice manoeuvring your boat around your swimming pool, consider looking for a model that is moderate in size.

Self-righting boats are perfect for rough seas. The disadvantage of boats is that you have to be more selective of where you use them. You will need water as well as a means of getting your machine back if it experiences difficulties. Once you have mastered the skill of operating your RC model, why not enter a boat race? Boat racing is less popular than car racing so you may have to organise your own competition with your friends.

cool rc boat on the water

Get competitive with RC Hobbies

Take RC hobbies to the next level by entering a competition. Racing RC cars is a popular option. If you have a RC flight field near you, you can also compete with your aircraft. SAMAA offers membership for RC hobbyists who fly RC aircrafts. The benefit of joining SAMAA is that they offer their members advice, information about clubs as well as access to competitions.

If you enjoy remote control car racing, take a look at what SARDA has to offer. SARDA offers information on racing as well as event schedules. MAASA specialises in precision acrobatics. Joining MAASA gives you access to a range of fun events.

If you are already into any of these hobbies and running on a tight budget, visit Junk Mail for a great selection of second hand RC Models or spare parts. Quite a number of RC cars for sale, RC planes for sale and RC helicopters for sale are advertised on Junk Mail.

RC Hobbies - Planes, Cars and RC Helicopters
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RC Hobbies - Planes, Cars and RC Helicopters
With rapid technology advances, RC hobbies are becoming more advanced. You can enjoy hours of fun with radio controlled vehicles, boats and helicopters.
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Junk Mail
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