How ready is your beach body for Spring?

Spring is just a month away. Days are slowly getting hotter, and soon it will be time for you to put away your winter coats and show off that beach body again. Whether you are using a home gym or have a gym membership, which equipment will you be using to speed up the weight loss process?


Losing weight is all about being able to balance your weight training and food intake. You never have to go through drastic measures such as fasting for days to get the body you want. Not eating is unadvisable, and most often it can lead to some serious health problems.

Straight from the book, it has never been a lie to hear the phrase ‘the best way to lose weight is to exercise every day and eat healthy’. It is the healthiest and the only proven way to lose weight and keep it off.

Your body needs five types of food to keep it sustained, including water. Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Minerals and Vitamins. Each food factors in your health and can help give you power when you are exercising.


Let’s start with the reason why you want to lose weight. Do you feel as though you have gained a bit of weight during the winter season and feel that you might need a bit of trimming for the Spring season? Or is it a personal preference and you want to keep healthy?

Whatever your reason, you can move from there to getting your dream body, by just exercising with the right equipment and eating healthy.

You should start by weighing yourself.


From your weight measurements, you can decide how much you believe you should lose. Do you want to lose 10% of the weight, do you just want to tone? Make notes as you go along.

Then your second step is to set goals for yourself. What this means is, for the number of times you workout, this is how much weight you want to lose. For example:

“You are a female weighing 67KG and you want to lose 10KG. And you also wants to get toned”.

Each week you must set yourself goals to lose at least 0.5KG through cardio workout and weight lifting. If you eat a healthy balanced diet, mixed with fruits, veggies, fibre, fish and some fats, and exercises at a gym Monday to Saturday.

To ensure that you lose the 10Kg’s, you need to make sure you follow your programme. It is that simple.


Losing weight boils down to how much weight you want to lose and how much work you are willing to put in.

If you are looking to lose weight, you have two options for places you can workout. You can have your home gym or join one of the local gyms like Virgin Active or Planet Fitness. Either of the options depends on your own requirements.

For some people, a local gyms encourages them because there will always be people to workout with. Unlike at home, where you have to rely on your own strength. But having a home gym is much cheaper and more reliable.


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