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We are grateful for all of you who regularly read the Junk Mail Blog. We did however notice that some of you don’t always see the daily blog updates that we make. Some of them are very informative and interesting – which you shouldn’t be missing out on.

Did you know that there’s an easy way that you can receive daily blog updates from the Junk Mail Blog in your E-mail inbox? It’s very easy to set up. Just follow these 3 easy steps  and you will receive an e-mail alert in your inbox! Plain and Simple.

Step 1: Fill in your e-mail address into the box provided for it in the top left hand corner of the Junk Mail blog and click on the “Subscribe” button. See the screenshot below for some visual aid.

Junk Mail Step 01

Step 2: If you’ve completed Step 1, you will be required to type in the letters / numbers in a CAPTCHA box to confirm that you are indeed human. Don’t get worried, this is just a security measure that Google Feedburner  users to prevent spam. Enter the letters and click on “Complete Subscription Request”. See the screenshot below.

Junk Mail Step 02

Once you’ve completed this step correctly, you’ll get a confirmation screen saying ‘Please check your inbox for a verification message from “FeedBurner Email Subscriptions”, the service that delivers email subscriptions for Junk Mail Blog. You will need to click a link listed in this message to activate your subscription. If you don’t see a confirmation e-mail in a reasonable amount of time please check your bulk/spam folder.’ If you type in the letters / numbers wrong, you’ll be prompted to type in a different set of letters / numbers.

Step 3: Confirm your subscription to the Junk Mail Blog by clicking on the link that you receive from Feedburner in your E-mail Inbox. The Subject Line of the E-mail will Read “Activate Your Subscription to: Junk Mail Blog”. Remember to check your Spam folders on your E-mail account if you don’t receive the e-mail immediately. Check out the screenshot of the e-mail below

Junk Mail Step 03

There you have it. 3 Easy Steps to set up E-mail alerts for the Junk Mail Blog. Subscribe today to ensure that you don’t miss out on essential Junk Mail updates. If you have any questions about this, please e-mail our Customer Care Department via or phone them on 012-3423840 x2295.

Spread the word about this to your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Remember: Sharing is caring.

Watch this space for regular updates in the General News category on the Junk Mail Blog.

Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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