Recent Junk Mail Website Changes

Over the last few months Junk Mail has been working hard to make the merged Junk Mail / CapeAds user friendly and easy to use. We have listened to suggestions from users and the following changes have been made to the website in recent months:

  • A new user interface was created when the merged Junk Mail / CapeAds was launched. This interface made it easier for users to place free adverts and browse classifieds
  • A merged website information page was posted to inform users about the changes on the website.
  • Our Advanced Search Form on the website was improved to accommodate user’s needs.
  • We made it easier for users to add an E-mail Alert. Once a search has been done on the website, an icon for “E-mail Alerts” appears on the right hand side of the search box, giving users the option to receive e-mail updates for certain search terms. This process is significantly faster than before.
  • The Junk Mail Blog interface was improved and updated more frequently to keep users of Junk Mail / CapeAds informed.
  • The Junk Mail Mobile website was improved to suit the needs of users that browse our website via their cell phones.
  • The way that our adverts are displayed on the website was changed slightly to make it more pleasing to the eyes.
  • For the merged Junk Mail / CapeAds website Improved Job Mail integration was added in recent times.
Watch this space for updates about the Junk Mail website. Feedback on this post is appreciated.

Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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