Recycle Gift Wrap!

RecycleEveryone has opened their presents and dustbins everywhere are flooded with gift wrapping material. If you are a ‘tree-hugger’ and would like to do your bit for the environment, read here on how to recycle gift wrapping material!

  1. While the shiny, glossy gift wrapping looks incredible on a gift, they can’t actually be recycled with normal paper. Make yourself acquainted with the local recycling rules. You can shred the paper before recycling if you wish to do so, and if you make use of a manual shredder, you don’t even use electricity!
  2. Shredded paper is an awesome starter component for vermicomposting. The worms love it and the castings are great for the garden, plants and even as a type of fertilizer for your yard.
  3. Shredded paper makes a great gift wrapping tool! The only downside is that you will have to house the shredded paper until you next need it, but that’s not too much to ask if the environment is at stake, is it?
  4. Use the gift wrap to entertain the kids in making paper mache masks or ornaments! You are never too old to learn a new art form!
  5. Use the shredded paper as bedding for small pets. You will have to change the bedding more often as this paper is not as absorbent as the materials you buy in pet shops, but it will help mother earth!

If you did receive a gift in the shiny paper kind, reuse it instead of throwing it out with the garbage! You can even start a ‘chain message’ where a message and name is added to the paper everytime it is passed on!

Remember to always protect our earth for future generations!

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