Rental Properties – Opting for a Bachelor Flat

Are you looking for the perfect rental properties to suit your needs? Why not consider a bachelor flat? If you are single, this could be the perfect accommodation for you. Living in a bachelor flat has advantages and disadvantages which you will need to carefully consider before making a decision. These single unit apartments offer an inexpensive place to stay on your own. If you are looking for an affordable place to live, find a bachelor flat to rent by visiting

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What is a bachelor flat?

So, what is a bachelor flat? A bachelor flat is a one room apartment which offers an affordable place to stay. The sleeping area, lounge, and kitchen are combined into a single room. While the rest of the apartment is one unit, the toilet and shower are located in a separate room.

However, the bathroom is typically smaller than those that can be found in regular apartments. If you have never seen a bachelor flat and need something to compare it to, think of a very basic hotel room.

In some cases the kitchen is separated by a partition, however, this is rare. Both furnished and unfurnished options are available.

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Benefits of renting a bachelor flat

A bachelor flat offers you an affordable place to stay. As a result of their small size, these apartments are cost effective. If you want to live alone, finding a bachelor flat to rent is an excellent choice.

Living in a single room apartment means that you don’t have to share your living space with other people. You can avoid the hassle of roommates by opting for these types of rental properties.

These apartments provide you with the option of living in the city without spending a fortune. You can afford to stay in a better location by renting a bachelor flat rather than a larger apartment. A flat that is conveniently located can save you time and money on transport.

Rather than staying in a cheaper location and commuting to work, you can opt for a single unit flat nearby. The size of these flats makes them easy to clean and maintain. You can live in a hygienic and tidy living space without having to spend a lot of time cleaning. This option will also save you money on hiring a cleaner to help out around your home.

With this living arrangement, it is easy to live a minimalistic lifestyle. Restrictive storage space means that you will be forced to save money rather than spending it on unnecessary products.

Furnished rental properties save you the hassle of finding and buying a bed, tables, and chairs. This option is also preferable if you are on a budget as furniture can be costly.

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Living in a one unit apartment offers great savings on electricity and water bills, helping you to reduce your monthly expenses. If you are a student or you are saving to buy your own place, renting a bachelor flat can help you to save cash. You can customize your living space by using room dividers. If you work from home, this is a great way to separate your living and working space.

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Downsides to renting a bachelor flat

While there are plenty of advantages to finding a bachelor flat to rent, there are significant cons which make this option unsuitable for some people. If you are a couple or you have children, a bachelor flat is not a good option. These apartments are best suited to single people. Their small size and lack of privacy are disadvantageous for couples and families.

If you are a social person, living by yourself can be lonely. Staying with a roommate can be fun, and you may be a person who prefers to live with other people. Similarly, if you enjoy having people over to your place, these types of rental properties offer limited room to entertain guests.

If you already own a lot of stuff, all your possessions may not fit into your one unit apartment. The only solution may be to rent storage space which can be costly. With your bed, kitchen and living area all in one room, staying in a bachelor flat can be cramped.

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If you are an untidy person or you enjoy a spacious room, this type of apartment may not be a good option for you. If you enjoy cooking, the kitchenette can be restrictive. The small kitchen area can also limit the amount of food that you can keep in storage.

As mentioned previously, these types of flats are restrictive to entertaining guests and this is especially true if you enjoy cooking for your friends and family. The small refrigerator may mean more frequent visits to the grocery shop.

The small wardrobe size is another con of these apartments. A bachelor flat may only have room for a pull-out bed or a futon which is less comfortable than a regular bed.

Now that you have an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of living in a single unit apartment, you can decide whether this is the right type of accommodation for you. Whether you decide to find a bachelor flat to rent on Junk Mail or not, is a decision that depends on both your circumstances as well as your personal preferences.

Rental Properties – Opting for a Bachelor Flat
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Rental Properties – Opting for a Bachelor Flat
Living in a bachelor flat has advantages and disadvantages which you will need to carefully consider before making a decision.
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