Repurposed Building Material: Create extraordinary decorations for your home

Looking for inexpensive and extraordinary ways to decorate your home and garden? You can create stunning items out of old building material. Repurposing used building material is not only great for the environment, it is also a fun way to create beautiful decorations. For those with a creative flair check out these great repurposing ideas:


Bathtubs and Sinks
Used bathtubs and sinks can be bought for a minimal price and turned into a stunning creation to beautify your garden. Once you have found a suitable bathtub, you can plant colourful flowers in it to set up an eye catching feature outdoors. The advantage of this option is that the tubs already have drainage which makes them suitable planters.


Discarded Wood
Buying new wood can be costly but if you find discarded wood you can build to your heart’s content without racking up a huge bill. If you find wood which is in a good condition, you can make furniture for inside or outside your house. Building a coffee table is a great project to start off with. Wooden pallets are a good source of wood for these projects.


Granite, Marble, Ceramic Tiles
Pieces of granite, marble and ceramic tiles can add style to items throughout your house. You can mosaic table tops or bar counters to create a unique effect. Not only is this technique a great way to personalise your space, it is also a fun activity.


Antique Fans and Chandeliers
Set the mood in your house by using antique fans and chandeliers. Repurposing interesting light fittings can be used to create a vintage effect. Items with a unique design will make an eye-catching feature in your home.

If you want to create a unique and stylish home, then repurposing used building material is a great choice. Having a beautiful home doesn’t have to come with a high price tag.

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