Spot – The Robotic Dog

On Thursday last week the Google-owned Boston Dynamics company released a video of their newest creation; a robotic dog named Spot.

Spot is a culmination of years of robotic parts development, research and trials and have amazing abilities such as climbing hills, navigating rough terrain, climbing stairs and even the ability to self-stabilize as can be seen in the video.

What is amazing is not only that Spot can perform these tasks, but that he can do so in such a graceful manner and probably the most amazing of those abilities for me is the self-stabilizing and maneuvering through the rough terrain on the hill.

In the not too distant future robots will play a big part in everyday life and although robotics has come a long way and has been in movie producers’ fantasy worlds for decades, we might not have to worry about the robots taking over the world just yet.

Robots like Spot will be used in search and rescue missions and accessing disaster zones that is too dangerous for humans.

Give us your thoughts on Spot and robotic development. If you are very keen on robotic development, have a look at what is on offer on Junk Mail!

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