Roof top tents for any and every adventure

Roof top tents are growing in popularity with campers and 4×4 enthusiasts alike. Turning a normally laborious process into a much more enjoyable (and easy) endeavour, roof top tents for sale are fast and easy to use, some even offering a bit of luxury in the bush.

Versatility and Functionality of Roof Top and Trailer Tents

Trailer and roof top tents are incredibly useful, easy to attach to whatever 4×4 or bakkie you may have and allow you to venture off into the wilderness and know you can safely and easily pitch camp, for you, and your family, anywhere you may find yourselves.

This allows you to have an adventure in new terrain and enjoy some secluded and often unexplored spots.

rooftop tents

While these tents might be more expensive than your average tent, they are ultimately more complex, sturdier and much more painless to pitch. The various options, from built-in mattresses, living room and dining room areas, make them perfect for all seasons and all climates. Thanks to their height, they offer protection and a great vantage point, no mater where you are in the wilderness.

Roof top and trailer tent brands in South Africa

If you are interested in roof top and trailer tents, you have most definitely landed on the right article. Today the Junk Mail team takes a closer look at three popular brands in South Africa and a couple of models that will blow your socks off.

From Eezi Awn and Howling Moon to the roof top tents offered by Tenco, you are sure to find a tent that best suits your camping needs.

Finding a Howling Moon Rooftop Tent

Howling Moon is a South African operation with over 40 years of experience in manufacturing. This experience has led them to become a highly regarded tent maker, including for their roof top, Howling Moon trailer tent options and many more.

It is their mix of high quality material, including their unique cotton and polyester blend that makes for increased durability and resistance to wear and tear. While their pigment coating helps with UV resistance and insulation.

They also use either aluminium or stainless steel for various elements including their easy-to-use, specially designed ladders.

Howling Moon Classic Rooftop Tent

If you are looking to buy your first rooftop tent, then the 1.4 Classic Roof top tent, is the ideal introductory model to try. It features a 380 gms/sqm cotton and polyester blend with a unique fluoro carbon coating, as well as a laminated base construction.

howling moon rooftop tent

Image Source: Howling Moon South Africa Website.

These roof top tents for sale also feature unique air vents, a two piece ladder, a 75mm mattress and zip lined, and insect screened windows, which are great for seeing the terrain, and taking photos from the comfort of your tent, as well as storage pockets to keep vital items safe.

The other great feature is the bungee cord system that is used to help in packing up and taking down the tent. The Classic Roof top tent ranges in price depending on which variation you choose, while the 1.4 is ultimately the most affordable option.

Howling Moon Stargazer Tourer

Another great Howling Moon rooftop tent is the Stargazer Tourer, with the annex option. It comes in a range of sizes, from 1,4 metres to 2,4 metres depending on tour choice, with a 380 gms/sqm cotton and polyester blend.

The Tourer features zip windows, roof panels, an internal tent ladder, aluminium features, a 75mm mattress, flysheet, as well as sufficient storage space. It also has a unique star feature, thanks to the roof panels which open, which is ideal for stargazing, and makes each night something to behold.

As with the classic model, it has a bungee cord system to ensure that packing up is as seamless as possible. It also comes with an optional annex, with means for additional space, with accommodation and living room options.

stargazer tourer rooftop tent

Image Source: Howling Moon South Africa Website.

The Howling Moon Stargazer Tourer is around R11 990, as well as an extra R3 500 for the annex.

Finding a Howling Moon trailer tent is another great option as this brand has various models to choose from.

Opting for a Tentco Rooftop Tent

Another well-known South African manufacturer of tents is Tentco. The company has been around for over 20 years has an impressive showroom and distribution centre that produces a range of high quality roof top tents, trailer tents, canvas tents and more. Along with this, they stock a host of local and internationally renowned camping equipment and accessories.

Safari Tentco Rooftop Tent

Looking to get started and try a roof top tent? Then the 1.6m Safari rooftop may just be the choice for you.

The Safari rooftop tent is ideal for two and is easy to pitch and set up. With its 260gsm Howard Safari Ripstop canvas, that is UV and mildew resistant and waterproof, the Safari makes for easy camping.

tentco rooftop tent

Image Source: Tentco South Africa Website.

It also features a 9mm wooden, marine treated base, as well as a sturdy aluminium frame, YKK zips, a mattress, ladder and PVC cover, all of which means it is sturdy, secure and comfortable.

You can also choose a hanging changing cubicle as an optional extra, should you require more space.

Safari Family Rooftop Tent

The Safari Family Roof top is an ideal option for those looking to take their family on an adventure and allow them to experience the outdoors, all from the comfort of a roof top tent. The larger and sturdier family tent is ideal for more than two, and can handle a range of families.

As with the Safari tent, this Tentco rooftop tent has a 260gsm Howard Safari Ripstop canvas, which is weather proof mildew and UV resistant, as well as being strong and durable.

The family tent is also similar to the 1,6 Safari Tent in the YKK zips, aluminium frame, the 9mm, wooden marine base, PVC cover, mattress, ladder and much more.

tenco rooftop tent

Image Source: Tentco South Africa Website.

It also features a hanging changing cubicle as an optional extra for this family tent. The Safari Roof top tents range in price depending on the model, make and size chosen.

Remember that Tentco also offers great options when it comes to trailer tents, so be sure not to overlook this brand when shopping for the perfect tent.

Options from Eezi Awn

Eezi Awn is known worldwide for its quality of products, which have been available for over 30 years. They are leaders in roof top tents, roofracks, retractable awnings and a range of accessories.

Jazz and Series 3

When it comes to roof top tents for sale, the Jazz from Eezi Awn is a great entry-level option. Sharing some similarities with the Series 3, it is unique in its own way.

Both the Jazz and Series 3 ranges are made from a blend of teflon-coated polyester and cotton fabric, include platform boards and the same window netting, YKK zips and ladder material.

They differ in size, around 1,4 metres, as well as the Teflon-coated blends and additional features including window variations and mattresses.

All in all the Jazz is the perfect entry-level roof top tent from Eezi Awn, while the Series 3 and XKLUSIV T-Top ranges are for the more seasoned travellers. The Jazz is a great option to start with, while the Series 3 is for the more adventurous, and both come with Eezi Awn’s quality backing.

The Jazz and Series 3 range in price depending on the model and size.


The XKLUSIV T-Top 1400 rooftop tent is ideal for two adults as well as children, and the hugely popular offering can easily be mounted either at the back or on the side of many 4x4s and bakkies.

The XKLUSIV T-TOP tent is around 1,8 metres wide and features a 340 gsm wax coated, polyester and cotton blend, that is also found in the Series 3 range. It also has an elevated roof line, extra space in the ground floor room, a 65mm mattress as well as ladder extension.

The XKLUSIV T-TOP tents price varies depending size and model.

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Roof top tents for any and every adventure
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Roof top tents for any and every adventure
Turning a normally laborious process into a much more enjoyable (and easy) endeavour, roof top tents for sale are easy to use.
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