Safe travelling this holiday!

The holiday season is upon us and most people are so excited to go on their annual holiday, that they forget one of the most important aspects about it, safe travelling.

When you decide to go on holiday, book accommodation and plan the trip, you have to take into account that your vehicle needs to be serviced, thoroughly checked and be in peak condition for the long haul. If you service your vehicle regularly, this should not be a financial burden. Always take your vehicle for a ‘check-up’ before the holiday trip. But just as important as checking your vehicle, the driver of said vehicle will also need to be in a healthy condition.

Travel safeHere are a few tips to keep you safe and alive while travelling for the holidays:

  • Never, ever drink and drive. It leads to poor responses and judgement on the road, which can cause major accidents and fatalities.
  • Get at least one day’s rest before you attempt to drive for hours on end. We all want our holiday to start and have trouble with patience in this regard, but rather late than sorry!
  • Stop regularly at safe places. Safe places are service stations stationed at regular intervals next to big highways. Try not to stop next to the side of the road as we have to be realistic about the unfortunate crime situation in our country.
  • Pack light snacks for the driver. Things like jellie sweets provide you with energy, while not making you feel overfed and subsequently tired.
  • Create an awesome playlist for the road. All your favourite songs should keep you alert and awake.
  • While caffeine should never replace rest, it will help you keep the shuteye at bay for a while.

Do not become a statistic, be safe and careful. Follow the rules of the road and think for other drivers too. Make sure you get to your destination to enjoy that well-deserved holiday.

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Saskia Meintjes

Hyperactive, extremely realistic and addicted to reading can best describe me. Life is all about the good memories and sitting around will not create them.

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  1. Ronel says:

    We have been con by a guy with the name Francois Smit, Cell nr : 0813646552
    Uvongo accommodation for R600pd, 2 Tucker Mews Uvongo
    We paid the deposit of R3000 drove all the way to Uvongo and he never pitched with the keys. We are going to open a fraud case against him. Please remove his adds on Junkmail.

  2. Lucky says:

    True that crime is a problem in south africa lets open our eyes criminals also plan,so les try to be safe at all times

  3. roger says:

    Good points.
    I would like to add that it helps to eliminate any possible distractions in the car.

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