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With the weather forecast as wet and wetter for Eastern Parts of the country for the next week or so. Here are some safe driving tips for wet conditions:

  • Keep a safe following distance. A 2-seconbuying_and_selling_safety_tipsd delay between you and the car in front of you  is considered optimal.
  • Slow down. You will have greater control of your vehicle if it is not going too fast in wet conditions.
  • Never brake excessively in wet conditions; it may cause your car to skid.
  • Turn on your headlamps to see better and to be seen

Here are some general tips on keeping your vehicle in mint condition for any driving conditions:

  • Check your air filter every month and clean if dirty.
  • Check your brake fluid levels monthly. Use the recommended type and do not overfill.
  • Check your engine oil levels with every fuel fill to prevent engine deterioration.
  • Always make sure all lights on the vehicle are in working condition.
  • Make sure the levels for the engine coolant water and windscreen wipers are top notch.
  • Check your tyre pressure every 2 weeks when you fill up. Make sure you use the correct pressure readings by consulting your car’s manual.
  • Change your wiper blades every 6-months to avoid deteriorated rubber.
  • Fix all cracks or chips on windscreens to avoid having to replace the entire windscreen.

To help you look after your vehicle, why not look at our New Motoring Services category for a professional?

Always remember that prevention is better than cure!

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