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cars_for_sale_in_South-AfricaSome may think that looking for cars for sale is hard enough, but when it comes to selling your car, it can be even harder. When selling, you tend to be more careful as it’s your property in question and, you’ll probably need the money to purchase your new car. Unfortunately, there are thousands of nefarious characters out there who lack certain moral ethics and will have no problem in relieving you of your hard earned money and or car. To make sure you don’t fall victim to a dodgy character, I have compiled this post to help you avoid the scammers.

The Meet and Greet

After placing your ad, you will be inundated with replies and requests to view the car. While this is perfectly normal, it may open you up to a potential theft. You should always make sure you meet a potential buyer at a place of your choosing. If they are serious buyers, they will have no problems meeting you at your house or in a very public place. Never, and I do mean never, meet someone at a place of their choosing as it will be easier for them to steal the car.

The Transfer

This is probably one of the most important parts of the entire process as it’ll be when the funds are transferred from the buyer’s account into your own. Before you release the car into the buyer’s possession, make sure the funds have cleared and the money is in your account. You should never pander to their requests to get the car sooner, even if they’ve sent you proof of payment. If they are a serious buyer, they will know the procedure and will not mind waiting until the formalities have been concluded.

A Promise of Purchase

If somebody wants the car, they would have gone through all the necessary steps. They would have determined their budget, they would have organised finance if they needed it and would be ready to buy the car immediately. You should never worry about pandering to the ridiculous demands of a person who had promised to buy the car in a while and as such, would like you to keep it for them. This would get in the way of serious buyers and might end up creating more hassle than its worth. Always sell the car on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.

Please Be Careful

So if you’re selling your car, please make sure you remember these tips I have given you. And, please make sure you are always careful. Unfortunately, the World Wide Web is a breeding ground for those of a dodgy predisposition and they thrive in the anonymity of Cyber Space. If you need any help or tips for selling your car in South Africa, you can always contact Junk Mail. If you want to sell your car, you can advertise it for free in the Cars for Sale section of our website.

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