Sardine Run to Reach Durban on Wednesday

Sardine fever is running high, with reports of sightings of the silvery fish from the Hibiscus coast up to Umgagaba beach, about 30 km South of Durban.

The renowned annual sardine run, which sees shoal upon shoal of sardines land on the country’s east coast, appears to have started a bit earlier than usual.

Local fishermen attributed this to the recent bout of cold weather. The Sharks Board yesterday removed its nets at Brighton Beach near the Bluff, to open up the canal for shoals to pass through on their way north. The run is usually accompanied by sharks which continuously feed on the small fish.

By lunchtime on Wednesday, dozens of fishermen and their helpers had converged on Umgabaga beach with their nets to haul in sardines.

“We have been waiting here since 4 AM this morning. What came out to the shore here today is a small catch. The big haul stayed far from the beach. We could see the seagulls feasting on them,” Palla Pillay, one of the fishermen, said

The sardines are expected to hit Durban, shore, some time on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, local website reports it has been inundated with requests from sardine enthusiasts wanting to get the latest information about the 2011 sardine run.

This article was published on The New Age website on the 24th of June 2011.

For more information, phone the Natal Sharks Board sardine hotline on 082-2849495. They provide regular news updates, but note that the shoals move quickly, disappearing as rapidly as they appear.

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