Saxophone for sale: A versatile and unique musical instrument

Do you love classical and jazz music? Why not learn how to play the saxophone? Then you can make your own saxophone music. When it comes to musical instruments for sale there are plenty of reasons to choose the saxophone. Before you make your choice read our blog to learn more about the different types of saxophones for sale.


What Type of Musical Instrument is a Saxophone?

The saxophone is a woodwind instrument and it is typically made out of brass. The single-reed mouth piece enables musicians to play the instrument. These brass instruments are well-suited to classical and jazz music. They are also popular in military and marching bands. If you want to play powerful and adaptive musical instruments, then you should find a saxophone.


The Different Types of Saxophones

When it comes to finding a saxophone for sale there are plenty of different types to choose from. While there are a wide variety of saxophones available there are four common ones.

The B-flat Soprano is well-suited to making pleasant background music. Its sound is unmistakably that of a saxophone the only difference is that it produces a higher pitch than other variations. It is a smaller variation and it is available with a straight or curved bell shape.

The E-flat Alto saxophone is usually found in school bands. You can spot an alto saxophone by its straight neck and high pitch. You can tell it apart from a tenor saxophone by its smaller size and higher tone.

Another option is to find a baritone saxophone. The defining feature of baritone saxophones is their huge size. These musical instruments are so huge that the musicians who play them have to wear a harness. The instrument is propped up on a stand and the harness supports the weight of the instrument. The deep tone of these brass instruments makes it perfect for jazz solos. The C-melody is a lesser known instrument which is popular amongst vintage collectors.

Local Saxophone Talent

If you are looking for some inspiration or just plain amazing saxophone music, check out the popular South African band, Goldfish. This internationally renowned band shows that saxophones are not limited to classical music alone. The Goldfish duo, Dominic and David, produce electronic music which incorporates classical instruments.


Vocals and instruments allow the musicians to engage the audience with a dynamic sound. With hard-work and dedication maybe you could be our country’s next famous player. Take a listen to their album titled Goldfish or listen out for their track Washing Over Me.

Whether you want to take up a new hobby or become a professional musician, finding a saxophone for sale is a great choice. Once you have mastered the basics you can experiment by incorporating saxophone sounds into different types of music. Once you have bought your musical instrument you can attend classes or watch YouTube tutorials to learn how to play. Selling your musical instruments? Place your FREE AD on Junk Mail today!

Saxophone for sale: A versatile and unique musical instrument
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Saxophone for sale: A versatile and unique musical instrument
Do you love classical and jazz music? When it comes to musical instruments for sale there are plenty of reasons to choose the saxophone.
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    Find or advice me as to what saxophone I need to buy . I would like to learn to play this in our church band and also play solo at times.

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    I’m looking for a bassoon. Does anyone have one for sale?

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