Scam Alert: Beware of Pastor Jacobs

Caution ScamA Junk Mail user has notified us about a person who is attempting to defraud users who are advertising using our service. The person calls himself Pastor Jacobs and is contacting users claiming that he wants to buy their item. He sends a fake payment confirmation SMS and then insists on collecting the item on the same day.

A fraudulent checque from ABSA was deposited into the user’s bank account and he received the “proof of payment” via SMS. The Pastor’s cell number is 079 6574019. When the user contacted him to tell him that the money did not clear he admitted that it was all part of a scam.

Sadly there are scammers like Pastor Jacobs out there who thrive on defrauding online classifieds users. When you’re advertising something on Junk Mail (or other classifieds websites) and someone offers to do an EFT into your bank account confirm if the payment has gone through and that the funds are available for your use before you part with the item. Scammers love sending fake SMS deposit confirmation messages and depositing fake cheques (and claiming that they are cash deposits).

The best way to confirm if the payment is legit is to contact your bank immediately and directly. Don’t part with the item if you’re not 100% sure that the money that was deposited into your account is available for your use. Rather be smart, safe and savvy than be sorry afterwards. Don’t get caught by Pastor Jacobs or others like him.

If you encounter Pastor Jacobs or any other scammers like him whilst using Junk Mail, please contact our Customer Care Department via or telephonically on 012-3423840 x2295 (during office hours). Please include phone number(s) and e-mail addresses being used so we can investigate.

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Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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5 Responses

  1. I also have a bad transaction with a guy from capetown. .I was looking for a towtruck emergency light and found 1on Gumtree after phone the guy who said he stay in mitchellsplain I should pay in the money in money market wich I do ..The rest is history. .I later traces his call to Athlone in capetown and it apears that they have a spare shop or something. .unlucky I don’t have the number anymore

  2. Frik Munnik says:

    Hi – there is a Guy working under the names Pastor Clinton or Camron Wessels. When you pick up the phone he even makes you believe that the singing in the background is his congregation, and comes across very believable. He advertises for instance a trailer at a good price, and then urges you to make a deposit as there are many people in line for the product. When that is done, the numbers below turn inoperative, and he is nowhere to be found. Beware! I am R1000 poorer! His numbers are 0799050693 and 0761654760

  3. Tom says:

    Does anyone know Bishop James from Boksburg

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