Scam Warning for Junk Mail Users

Spammers have targeted our site over the past few months. With the help of some of our users, we quickly spot these and remove them immediately from the Junk Mail website, but with the rate at which ads are being placed on the site, we sometimes miss a few and unfortunately some of our users have fallen for these scams and lost money to these fraudsters. We have therefore come up this guideline to protect our users from such.

Posing as sellers, spammers place fake adverts on Junk Mail, when potential buyers try to contact them, usually the phone number is faulty, invalid or diverted to voicemail. Now, because spam adverts are usually cheaper, well below market rates, the potential buyer will pursue the seller then use the “Reply By Email” link to contact the seller via e-mail.

The spammer will respond with a story of being in the UK or anywhere out of the country and at this point by email the seller informs the customer that they are unable to use the phone and that they can only converse via email.

The seller will ask for a deposit or the full price to be transferred to them but after they have received the money they create an excuse as to why they cannot release the vehicle, need more money to be transferred or become impossible to contact.

Below is a list of things to avoid when using this site:

  • Look out for vehicles / electronic appliances / cell phones or other items that are below market rate because the seller is a widow or a funny story. Try to look for vehicles that are within market rates, anything “cheap” should always be scrutinised.
  • Do not make payment until you have actually seen the item that is advertised and are you happy with it.
  • Avoid making any payments to Western Union / Moneygram / via Ebay / via / via / via / via another 3rd party website for an item advertised on Junk Mail. Junk Mail does not conduct payment transactions via 3rd parties. It’s almost 100% certain that you are being lured into a scam if you come across this.
  • Be cautious if the advert or ensuing emails are full of spelling mistakes and bad grammar, as this seems to be a trait of fraudulent adverts.
  • Finally, if you are suspicious or not sure of anything at all, do not hesitate to contact us for guidance.

Also remember that Junk Mail does not have “verified traders”.Please let us know if you find an advertiser that claims to be a Junk Mail Verified trader.

Remember: Be Smart! Be Savvy! Be Safe! Check out the other posts under the Safety & Security section and Avoiding Scams section for more information about scams.

Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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15 Responses

  1. Morne says:

    Hi just be careful, if you are selling, phones ext. you get a e mail saying they want the phone, and will pay in dollars, then ask if you got pay pal, so I realized this a scam immediately, so I don’t know how the scam works on but I tell you it sure is a scam.

  2. Step Edge says:

    Some one by the name Simno Kalal send us an email claiming he wanted to buy 5 laptops and wanted them delivered that same day! He then forwarded a fake ID copy and proof of payment from Standard Bank. He deposited 23500 into our account with a cheque, of which his bank account didn’t have money. His idea was to get the laptops and vanish before the cheque bounces back with no money in his account. He is a very clever tsotsi because we almost gave him the laptops before we realised he had paid with a cheque. Please beware of this guy!! His email address is Hid ID copy is fake! BEWARE

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Thanks for your feedback! We have received your e-mail report via our Customer Care Department as well.

  3. Llewellyn says:

    2 new conmen on Junkmail. One going as Krista Johan from Sweden and one posing as Remy who is filming a documentary in the kruger selling cars.

  4. Johann Engelbrecht says:

    Ad no. 29645019 is a scam. No identity. I asked for a quote on some DVDs. Paid them to a bank account under the name EMR at FNB and now they refuse to deliver. Please investigate

  5. Octavio says:

    I was also a victim in Junk Mail, and I think that Junk Mail should protect the Buyers by having a positive ID copy, together with Scanned copy of banking card matching the ID, and the banking card must be active. This way at least the Police can have some clues to work from. The way it’s designed! One can only suspect the author!

  6. Wanda says:

    Treadmill repairs by Russel/Paul. Take your treadmill’s parts, and the R550 call out fee, not to be heard of again. Numbers: 084-283-7879 or 074-335-1693

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