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Unwanted Gifts

Christmas and all its festivities are over now. New Year’s eve is upon us and you might be running low on some moola. I know not everyone is experienced gift givers, and from time to time you receive a really crappy gift from someone. For instance, already been used lip balm. Or, dad’s old bed clock. Perhaps weird underwear or those socks with the weird prints on.

That is why I would suggest that you make some quick cash with Junk Mail by selling your unwanted Christmas gifts.

Why do I suggest this?

You will have money to go out with your friends.

You can buy yourself that gift that you actually wanted in the first place.

You can buy someone else a gift (seriously?).

You can make some money and put it away for a rainy day.

Maybe you received a really cool gift this Christmas. Use it and abuse it to the max and then try to make a profit out of it by selling it on Junk Mail. Perhaps you got a PlayStation 4 for Christmas, but would much rather have the cash in hand. Consider it SOLD on Junk Mail!

Here is a good example of someone wanting to sell their unwanted gifts. Feel free to post it on our Facebook page.

Unwanted gifts

What gifts do you receive this Christmas? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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