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How do you make sure the item you advertised on Junk Mail is sold fast? Sell-Your-Stuff-Junk-Mail

Here are a few tips on how to place a successful ad and Sellfast!

  1. Always put in a very good, short description of the product as the ad title.
  2. Give a very detailed description of the item you wish to sell in the ad text section. Always mention in what condition the item is.
  3. Attach at least 3 photos of the items from different angles; pictures of the actual item evokes trust from the potential buyer; more so than a downloaded picture would.
  4. Ensure your contact details are correct on the advertisement.

If you follow the 4-easy steps listed above, you are destined to #sellfast!

Remember you stand a chance to win a Junk Mail homepage ad for 48 hours if you send us your Junk Mail success story!


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