Seven Alternative Ways of Beating the Winter Chills

Seeing that we are in the heart of winter I thought that it would be helpful to provide you as user with some alternative ways of beating the winter chills. Moving away from the classic methods of fireplaces, warm water bottles, and classic heaters; here is my cure to your winter depression (with a bit of a twist).

1)  Apart from wrapping your body around blankets and laying low in front of your TV set, get yourself a decent treadmill and walk up that body heat while watching your favourite show on the telly. In that way you not only keep warm but also getting into shape for silly season aka Spring time.

2)  This one is pretty straight forward. Get a warmer house. Be it buying or renting, Junk Mail will be able to provide you with the warmest house that you desire. If you can’t find what you are looking for, fill out the “request a property” form and you might just get exactly what you want.

3)  Breaking away from your traditional winter food like stews and soup, why not try a new type of cuisine. For instance visiting your nearest Indian restaurant and trying their hottest dish on the menu. Not only will you break out a nice sweet, but you will also get rid of that flue brewing inside of you that won’t seem to leave you.

4)  Why have winter when you can have summer all the time! Look for a job in the tourism/hospitality section and leave the winter hanging. If you are not the traveling type, just find a general job. Summer lovin’ all year round.

5)  Another winter warmer that also includes some physical activity is paintball. Here you will get the opportunity to provide yourself with some heat but also help a buddy out by providing circular portions of heat on his/her body by adjusting your aim. Get trigger happy and share the heat.

6)  Even though it is winter, the winter sun is not as harsh as the summer’s. Why not step into your overalls and get your DIY kit ready! If you are into hard labor then have a look at the farming or even the gardening section. If you are more of a power tool type of person, Junk Mail has some of those too.

7)  If your emotions are heating up but your temperature still hits lows zeros, why not try something completely out of your comfort zone and try some speed dating. There are most probably other singles in the same situation that are in need of some heart warming.

There you have it. These are my seven tips to blow away your winter blues. Feel free to ad your suggestion by leaving a comment.

Heinrich van den Worm

Head of Social and Media Strategist @AVATAR_ZA | Went barefoot for a year for charity | Not a guru | Compadre

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