Share Your Success Stories With Junk Mail

Calling on all Junk Mailers! It is that time again! You ask what time? I say “campaign time”! We want to hear from you why Junk Mail works for you. We want you to share your success stories while using Junk Mail with us.

Of course there will be something in it for you. We will be splitting it up in two categories; buyers and sellers.

Share your best Junk Mail success story with us regarding your buying and selling experience with Junk Mail and you could win.

Now you probably want to know “what prizes”? For the buyers; the buyer with the best success story will win a R1000 cash prize! You can use this money to find items that you really want on the Junk Mail site, or you can put it in your piggy bank and spend at a later stage.

Sellers and users that frequently place ads on Junk Mail trying to get rid of their things or just to make a quick buck or two; you will stand the chance to win a top listing for a week. This will give you extra exposure and will ensure that you sell your product even quicker (valued at R250).

The competition will run from the 8th of October until the 26th of October and winners will be announced on a weekly basis. Each week will have a winner, so if you don’t win the first week you can always share another story with us for the next week.

How to submit your success story.

You have the following two options. You can either submit your “Why Junk Mail works for me” story on our blog underneath this post or alternatively you can post it on our Facebook pages. [On the main page or on any of the regional pages.] We will select the best stories on a weekly basis and winners will be announced every Friday.

Be sure to have a look at the terms and conditions below regarding the rules and regulations for the competition and entries.

Get those stories ready and share with us why you think “Junk Mail works for me”. Stay tuned for more details.

Share your Success Stories Terms and Conditions

  1. This competition is open to all South Africans currently residing in South Africa.
  2. Only one success story per entry is allowed (but feel free to enter as many times as you want).
  3. Entries should not be longer than 2000 characters. Entries longer than 2000 characters will not be in consideration for the prize.
  4. In your success story you need to state whether you are a Buyer or a Seller.
  5. The winner will be announced at 13:00 every Friday on the Junk Mail Facebook page and the winner will be emailed to arrange prize pick-up. First announcement will be on the 12th October.
  6. The winner must be able to provide details so that the cash prize can be transferred or it can be collected from one of the Junk Mail regional offices. The winner will need a valid South African ID document in order to receive the prize.  No international deliveries will be made.
  7. If the winner does not respond to the news of his/her prize within 2 working days, then he/she forfeits the prize and there will be a re-draw and new winner announcement.
  8. Upon re-draw, the winner will follow the same points mentioned above.
  9. Competition not available to any director, member, partner, employee, agent, or consultant to the promoter, or is so linked to the supplier of the goods or services that are connected with the competition.
  10. The entrants acknowledge that Junk Mail Publishing accepts no responsibility for any harm, damage, illness or injury that may occur as a result claiming the prize.

Heinrich van den Worm

Head of Social and Media Strategist @AVATAR_ZA | Went barefoot for a year for charity | Not a guru | Compadre

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85 Responses

  1. rishvaan balkissoon says:

    Recently was put into a situation to purchase a book for university, I was low on cash so my only option was to sell my Blackberry Playbook. I posted an ad on Junk Mail and before you know it, my tablet was sold in 2 days, I sucessfully purchased my much needed text book and ended up with a distinction in my course, thank you Junk Mail for the help on my sucess

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Thanks for your comment Rishaan 🙂 Glad that we could help 🙂

    • DM Van Tonder says:

      Ek het my woonwa in die junkmail op die internet ge-adverteer en binne 5 minute het n persoon my geskakel en die woonwa gekoop ,ek kon dit nie glo nie maar dit het werklik gebeur.Baie dankie junkmail

  2. riaan says:

    Got one night home @ 6 from a hard day of work ,so Ii had to do the dishes with my girlfriend,(something I hated ) .
    she was the dishes half ,so I told her she have to was properly .she replied and said if you can do better do it then myself.

    sure !!
    I jumped in the car drive to the garage bought my junk mail look in there for dishwashers for sale ,phone one lady and drive thru to her house. Got there the dishwasher was brand new @ half the price ,paid cash and there I go .
    got home fit the dishwasher and done my dishes ,better than my girlfriend!!!!!

    The best thing ever in live is junkmail, and for a relationship is a dishwasher, can’t be without a dishwasher

    • Heinrich van den Worm says:

      Hi Riaan! Thanks for your story! Had a good laugh at it. Glad we could assist you in washing your dishes and helping you to better your relationship 😉 Bet you do the dishes now every time 😀

  3. Jolene says:

    Well I started doing something for myself, because there is no work, and little by little, it picked up, I’m not making a lot of money but it keeps the pot brewing,so I’m glad for junkmail, without them I would struggle

  4. i just love junkmail. When i got divorced i was able to fully furnish my new house with some awesome 2nd hand stuff. i was able to buy my kids a jungle gym and i was able to sell some of my unwanted items for cash. So far i have sold almost everythng i have ever advertised on Junkmail. i am soooo impressed at this service. and the best of all is, its FREE!

    • Heinrich van den Worm says:

      Thanks for your feedback Rachael! Glad we could be of assistance when times got tough. As for finding awesome second hand stuff on Junk Mail, you are absolutely right! If you just take the time and browse you can pick up quite a bargain.

  5. Sue Van Wyk says:

    My success story as a buyer comes in the shape of four legs and fur decorated with floppy ears a black nose and the gentlest round eyes – he is a lovely brown colour with a snazzy ridge running down his back. After spending weeks browsing Junk Mail looking for just the right Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy we found him. His arrival five years ago sparked a love affair with Rhodesian Ridgebacks resulting in us now having three Rhodesian Ridgebacks who have not only taken over the house and our hearts but also our King Size Bed!

    • Heinrich van den Worm says:

      Hi Sue! This is so nice to hear! Glad we could assist you in finding your puppy love and love for you Rhodesian Ridgebacks! Thanks for your feedback.

  6. Bianca says:

    A while back I was looking for a dog and found pekengese breeder in junk mail. From day one she made every day exiting. From barking at snow to smuggling up with her favorite toy to snoring as loud as my dad.
    Thanks for making every day fun.

  7. Brenda Dire says:

    My husband introduced me to Junkmail when we needed to sell two of our cars as we were planning to buy a bigger car.To my surprise both cars were sold within a week.We managed to buy the car we needed without any financial constraints,no middle man or dealership issues.Straight and Simple,You guys your the best!Makoya!(The original).Now we are a word of mouth to friends and families to this best network.Forward junkmail forward!!

    • Heinrich van den Worm says:

      Thanks a lot for the kind words Brenda! We will continue striving forward and maintain our standard as the real makoya!

  8. WAYNE says:


  9. Ebrahim Omer says:

    I have a great passion for aquariums and my pet fish. I arrived home one day, to find one of my fish injured and not doing well. I hurriedly seperated him from the rest so as to avoid further damage. I later decided to find another owner who would nurse him, so I placed an ad in the junkmail on a Sunday morning. The first response I received was the very same day and the new owner walked away happily with his new fish and a better home for it. Thank you junkmail

  10. Callie says:

    Hi i buy the junkmail now for +- 18years every thursday morning.Then at a time when i phone to customers the stuff i want to buy it is gone.I was disipointed and then I go to head office and sit and wait antill the doors open and then the fireworks start again.NOW I CAN BUY AND SELL AGAIN.Now whenit is on internet it is better i not go and sit ennemore in front of close doors it is 24/7 open THANKS to Junkmail it is the best selling paper.TO buy sell give away and more Thanks to every one at Junkmail to make it easy GOD BLESS.

  11. Mano says:


    I wanted to sell my car so I placed an ad on Junk mail on a Monday, within an hour I started recieving calls from potential buyers and then my just did not stop ringing. As I was at work I put my phone off as I could not hande all the calls. My car was sol on the Tuesday, so it took me 24 hours to sell my car via Junk Mail, What a Pleasure.



    • Henno Kruger says:

      Thanks for sharing your story Lorraine 🙂 Glad that you are able to show your slides to your family and friends again 🙂

  13. Vivien says:

    My daughter had to move into a new build cottage. Pricing for a geyser was way too much! Previously we bought some plumbing materials through my sales consultant, Junk Mail. So we said “Junk Mail” is the way to go! Contacted a place in Silverton, close to where I work. Got the geyser, paid only R700.00 for 150 liter including vacuum breakers, safety valves, etc. Junk Mail – what can I say? You are my building consultant!

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Thanks for bestowing this honor on us Vivien and thanks for sharing your wonderful story with us 🙂

  14. chris says:

    just yesterday i put my gym stuff on junkmail and guess what i was sold last night guy came all the way from PTA to the deep south of JHB o collect WOW that was a fast sell so today i put some more on junkmail and all my stuff has been booked to view today but im at work so thanks junkmail for putting the cash in my pocket

  15. valjean says:

    Well there i was in a crummy part of Pretoria
    Browsing a second hand shop
    And stumbled upon a w h coetzer plate painting of the voortrekker monument and wild life
    It was dated 1941 and went to the counter and asked what they want for it
    They told me that 15 bucks would be fine
    Needles to say i bought it and put it in junk mail for 2500-00
    It was a matter of hours and i had a wopping 2500-00 in my pocket
    thank you junkmail
    I love u !

    ps: that is a success story indeed!!!

  16. josh says:

    I sold my ps3 yesterday to sombody that booked a flyt to jhb from cape town he came all the way just for the ps3 thanks junk mail evry thigh i advertise sells fast

  17. Abigail moodley says:

    this is my success story as a buyer:
    I went to buy couches from a lady that is relocating
    and when I went to view the couches a jack russell
    was sleeping on it.. I asked about the dog and lady
    explained she is also looking for a good home for
    the dog. 2yrs later I have a amazing dog and she still
    sleeps on the very couch I first saw her on 😀

  18. Estelle Roberts says:

    We bought a case with 18 Volt powertools at an excellent price; We wanted to share it with others, and make some profit- I placed it in the “Junk Mail” online, and within 5 minutes of plasing the ad, we had an enquiry; the Client contacted us, came through, and bought the unit straight away!!

    • Estelle Roberts says:

      I am a Seller. We operated a Guest House which we closed. So we have excess furniture, TV’s and water Coolers, etc. All our water coolers, TV’s and other excess furniture from the Guest House operation have been sold. I would not have managed without the Junk Mail.

  19. Kenny says:

    I bought a car through junkmail and fifeteen years later sold it through junkmail at double the price I originaly paid for it.

  20. Dean says:

    I recently took up guitar. After about five months i decided to by myself a proper guitar. Thus, I am a buyer.

    I visited the website and found a near new guitar for a good price.

    As it turns out he was an old friend I had lost contact with a few years ago!!

    Thanks Junk Mail.

  21. RAINE CAROSIN says:

    I AM AN ADVERTISER FOR A SELLER. My story: My Dad approached me and told me he needed to advertise for sale his heavy machinery. Of course, I thought of Junk Mail. I found the site easy to use and posted the advert and photographs without any problems, and soon he had sold some of the tonnes of machinery. Thank you very much. I thought it would be a mammoth task, but it worked out simply and easily. Thank you.

  22. Vanessa vd Merwe says:

    I phoned a lady one day to buy a cot from her, it was really a nice cot and it was advitised for a very nice price but unfortunately she said that she had sold it already, the next day I phoned the same number for the cot but the husband picked up the phone and to my suprise he said no the cot is still available and I asked if I could come and buy it and he said no I can get it for free because he wouldn’t sell it cause it was standing outside and the draw panel broke but I got somebody to fix it for me, JUNKMAIL IS INCREDIBLE, YIPPEEEEE.

  23. wynand says:

    My successfull story is :Every time when I put on a ad on Junk mail,I will sell it in the next 48 hours and I will make a huge provit of the product that I’ve been sold 🙂

  24. junior says:

    Had a car accident nd I needed another same model car to replace my own, I posted on junk mail and within days I got it for a reasonable price! Thanks to junk mail

  25. Rebecca Lewis says:

    When i turned 18 and wanted to start driving and becoming independent, my parents knew the only place we would have to look was on Junkmail because you are sure to find anything you are looking for! At first we were just looking for a cheap car for me to practise in and we found a cute little opel kadette that was in good condition and a very good price! After about 2 years my dad wanted to sell the Opel to buy me something more long term and easy to drive so we advertised the bright yellow opel and almost immediatly had a buyer! The search for a permanent car took a while because there were sooo many options and i couldnt decide which car i liked best! Eventually we found the perfect car, in great condition and just what my parents wanted for me all along, suiting my style and their pockets! Junkmail has always been the place to buy and sell any item and I have had success every time. I would recommend Junkmail to ANYONE wanting to buy or sell ANYTHING, i know from experience that many, many, many other people use Junkmail and may be looking for just what you are selling.

  26. Sanet Lund says:

    I am a female and i bough mining equipment on a tender basis with 2 male partners (1 on them was my fiance)they wanted to cut equipment up for scrap metal and begged them to give me 1 week to see if i could get a buyer, they said ok I placed a advert in junk mail and the 2nd last day of my week i received a call from Turkey (they landed in SA 4 days later and bought all the equipment) My partners was shoched and stunned for i knew i could rely on Junk Mail

  27. Deline Gardiner says:

    I decided it was time I find myself an affordable, new (pre-loved), car. My first thought was to browse through Junkmail, the paper where you can be sure to find what you need. Though I only had a certain amount of money available, I was still hoping to find something nice. But my greatest expectations was exceeded when I saw the pic of this neat and very ‘smart’ Smart Forfour Passion, and to my surprise, ALMOST affordable to me! I called the seller, and without even actually seeing the Smart, I started negotiating and whalla!! That evening I felt very smart as I drove away in my new, very smart Smart ForFour. Thank you, Junkmail for helping me to find my dream car at an affordable price!

  28. PHILIP says:

    Hi, one Saturday morning I decided to sell my motorbike (been thinking of it a lot!) The same day I got a call from a guy living 2km from my house. The next day I took my bike to him for a test drive and it was sold! A week later it was registered on his name. Junkmail is the best thing since sliced bread came out! Thanks a lot

  29. Junk Mail is the best it made my dream cum true when this day I bought a junk mail ad’s paper & for years I have being looking for a Honda Balled 160i civic until I found it on the junk mail ad’s paper I started contacting the owner we started making arrangement for me to come & to his crib to see the Car it was in a very good condition & the price was good too so Junk Mail is the best I would like too Think the Team behind the Junk Mail ad’s paper you are doing a good job

  30. nadia says:

    I have recently moved into my new home and things got very tough couldn’t make it to pay most of our accounts,so I decide to put some of our household stuff here at junkmail for sale,it was very painful to get rid of the items but it all paid of in the end.we sold most of our stuff thanks to junkmail.

  31. sally says:

    hello there. I have had quite a few success stories with you guys. I got my apartment through your webpage as i could seach for the areas i was interested in. also want to thank you guys for the website as i bought a xbox for me! Now im cool in my younger sisters eyes cause now when she visits me for the school holidays she can play games while i am at work. And i also sold my work colleague’s scooter/bike through posting it on your site with a pic of the bike and i scored a R200 out of the deal for just posting it on your site for him. So i got an apartment, xbox and a few extra bucks for just using yr site. Tanx u guys. Keep up the great work. And i have never had a problem with your site as well. As some other sites are sometimes soma offline for a day or so.

  32. Tristan Bateman says:

    Hey there, Whilst browsing through my e-mail, I saw this Junk Mail ad for a competition. When I saw it was asking for success stories, I couldn’t believe it. A few months back I was advertising some CD’s for Sale on Junk Mail. I was asking 450 for my collection, but when the person arrived, he only had R600 in R200 notes. And I had no change. So he gave me R600 as he said that he thought that even at R600 it was a bargain. We started chatting about music, and found we had really similar tastes. The whole time we were talking I was thinking he looked very familiar. When I asked his name, it turned out he was in my primary school, and we were in the same grade 2 class together. We have become good friends again, and have had some really good times together. SO I received more than I asked for… In more ways than one… All thanks to Junk Mail. Thx for providing such an excellent service.

  33. Casius Ngcangca says:

    Buyer Success Story: It was on Sunday when I met Junk mail thinking that it was a Job Mail. I was even shock with the name “JUNK”. when I got home I browsed through my edition of my Junk mail and I found a my “TATA Telcolime Bakkie 2005 model at the very reasonable price waiting for me”. It is an honour to mentioned that now I am a subscriber and a proudly Junk mailer. Junk mail staff(Peter Aphiri- PTA) are so friendly and professional. I am looking forward that even Eastern Cape particularly East London may have our Eastern Cape Edition.

  34. ANNIE says:


  35. Fran says:

    My husband purchased a beautiful doberman off an ad on junk mail. I was not happy as we already had two dogs at home. Nevertheless we named her Clowie and grew to love her. She is a life saver , literally as she jumped into the pool after my two year old fell in and dragged her to safety. If it wasnt for junk mail I dread to think what might have happened. Thank you junk mail for giving us Clowie

  36. Detmar says:

    My wife got a new Samsung S2 on the Friday at around 18h00. I sat and played with it and at around 20h00 i decided i also want one. I went to Junkmail and searched for items to swop and found someone who wanted to swop his Samsung S2 for a Blackberry. We negotiated and the next morning i met him and we did the swop. It is not the first time i have swopped my cell phone for one i wanted and have always been successful in finding someone to swop with on Junkmail. Never found anyone on Gumtree…LOL

  37. Paula says:

    Dear Junk –Mail, and all readers.

    Last year I received a promotion in my company, as well as a transfer to a branch in another country. One of the hardest parts of the whole thing was that I was not allowed to take any pets with as I would have to stay in hotels mostly. And I had 3 adorable cats which I couldn’t possibly part with unless I knew they would go to a good home.

    So I asked all my friends and family if they could look after them, but everyone either had dogs, was allergic to cats, or were not allowed cats in their complex.

    So I advertised them on Junk Mail, free to a good home, and I found someone who would love my cats as much as I do.

    So thank you Junk Mail. You saved my career, as I would not have taken the promotion if I had not found a good home for my cats.

    I really appreciate this service you provide.

    Thanks so much.


  38. Tim says:

    Buyer Success Story:

    Dear Junk Mail.

    I am writing to express my gratitude for the service you provide.

    A few months ago my 7 year old son wanted to get a piano. He has been taking lessons for 2 years and is doing really well. I have just never been able to afford a piano, and didn’t even try looking. My wife suggested we look in Junk-Mail, which we did. But even then, everything seemed way out or our price bracket.

    My wife suggested we go take a look at a few, just to get a feel for what our son likes, and also to get an idea of what we are paying for.

    We made a few phone calls, and set up some appointments. The very first people we visited was a retired couple, who were fairly well off. They took an instant liking to my son, and when they heard him play they were really touched. We were about to leave, an explained we were going to see some other offers, as this was actually well out of our league. The man took his wife into the kitchen, and after 5 minutes, came out and said they would be willing to accept R10,000. I nearly fell over, as they were originally asking R30,000. I also knew that it was worth way more than that.

    So now my son has a beautiful Yamaha piano, our house is filled with the sound of him playing, and my bank account is still in tact.

    Thank you Junk Mail.

  39. Richard Miller says:

    BUYER (Success Story):

    Hi there.

    May dad was involved in a car accident awhile back, and his car was written off. He wanted to buy a brand new car, but I insisted we look on Junk Mail first.

    He was specifically wanting an Audi. We found someone selling an Audi A4, with Low Mileage and in immaculate condition. They were asking R80,000, so we offered R65,000. The offer was rejected and the person said he couldn’t possibly sell it for so low.

    So we left, and carried on hunting for other deals on Junk Mail. Just over a month went by, when I received a call. It was from the Audi owner, saying he’d accept my offer of R65,000 if I was still keen.

    I couldn’t believe it. And what a good deal that was.

    My father is really happy with the car, and has had no problems since buying it. All thanks to Junk Mail. And I would highly recommend to anyone out there, who’s interested in buying a car, to look on Junk Mail first.

    Thx. Rich.

  40. Hi

    My name is Ferdinand I’m working for a company that offers Loans, I’m an Agent there, I posted my Loans ad on Junk mail and after 2 hours my phone was busy like never before clients where calling, and even now they still calling, my business is running now i see money rolling into my bank account everyday, I’m so happy thanks to JUNK MAIL, i really appreciate it. Thank you once again.

  41. Kik's says:

    Hi There,

    There is a young man named Benjamin, who has been helping us with gardening and general home maintenance around my house for the past year or so. He has had to travel for over an hour in taxi’s and on the train to get to my house each day. And then make the same trip back home. Not only was this time consuming and stressful for him, but was costing him an arm and a leg. So my husband suggested buying a Wendy House, kitting it out, and letting him sleep over from Monday to Friday, or whenever he feels like, and then he can go home on weekends. Benjamin liked the idea. So we went Wendy House shopping only to get the shock of our lives as to how much they cost. We then looked on Junk Mail, and found a family who were leaving SA and urgently needed to sell their Wendy House. It was only a couple years old, and hardly used, and well under half the price of what they were going for new. Plus they had it delivered to our house as they had a construction materials delivery truck.

    So on one Saturday, my husband and Benjamin put in a ceiling, insulation, dry walling, curtains and carpeting. So with a bit TLC and a coat of paint, the Wendy House is now a really nice garden flat for Benjamin. And he loves it. He actually spends most weekends with us now. And because it’s almost his home, he is more happy to help with things in the garden without us even having to ask. And if we go away, he’s there to take care of things and feed the dogs. What a pleasure.

    Thank you so much Junk Mail. From us and Benjamin too 



  42. Pearl says:

    Hello all, I’m A Junk Mail Buyer: I am currently undergoing extensive renovations at my house. One month into the renovation we were broken into while we were out, and were basically cleaned out. We got a few security companies to come quote on installing perimeter beams, but they were all very expensive. In excess of 15k. And I’m on a tight budget with all the building, so I thought I’d just check junk mail to see what was available. I managed to find someone who was moving to an apartment, and was selling their second hand outdoor beams plus alarm system for just 3k. I phoned up a friend of mine was an electrician, and he came and installed them for next nothing. And it works like a dream I tell you. One button arms the whole property. Must say, I’m feeling a lot safer when I’m at home now, and have peace of mind when I go away.

    The bottom line… Junk Mail is the best. I’ve used junk mail whenever I’ve been in need of just about anything, and I’ve yet to be disappointed.

    Thank you. Pearl.

  43. Natassja leo richards says:

    Buyer – Good day

    i would like to share my experience with junkmail. I have quiet a few but this one really stands out from the rest.

    I was struggling to make end meat , trying to support my liitle girl and myself as i was umemployed and battleing to get a job.

    When i was down to my lowest point , i sat infront of my friend computer in tears and started searching through junkmail to find employment. I came across quiet a few promising jobs and when i went for my interview , the lady looked at ,me and said i had gotten the job !!

    i could not believ it , it felt like i was dreaming , i for once was going to be able to start a new life provideing for me and my child , i was going to get my independence back. Today i am still with the same company , i can stand up tall and prouldy say i owe it all to junkmail.

  44. Peter says:

    Buyer success story.

    Good day Junk Mail,

    I received an e-mail with bargains being offered from Junk Mail. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, but noticed someone advertising a pair of brand new D&G sunglasses. This was the exact pair (At least very similar to) a pair of sunglasses my wife was looking for. Our 20th wedding anniversary was coming up so I thought hey!!! That’d make a great gift. I gave the person a call an asked how much the wanted as no price was listed. They said I should make an offer. I didn’t know what to offer, so they asked if I would I be happy to pay R600? … Happy? Of course I was happy. I knew these glasses were over R3000 in the shops. So I went straight there, and bought them. They were still sealed in their original box. Needless to say they made a great gift, my wife LOVES them and she has no Idea how cheap they were. Which is good as she’s taking extra special care of them since she thinks they cost me the earth.

    Thank you Junk Mail.



  45. bastiaan says:

    Hi there, I found myself a Valiant on junkmail for an unbelievable price. It only needed a carberrator, but i only had R800 left. I could not find one in Gauteng or its surrounding areas, and finally found one in cape town for R350. I gave the guy R400 and had enough left for an overnight courier + insurence.-I could not believe my luck. Thanx for a great network Junkmail !

  46. Enrico says:


    I’m a volunteer worker, and give a lot of my time to a non-profit organization, providing disaster relief for many countries in Africa… I’ve been looking for a car for a while, but have not been able to afford anything decent. I looked on Junk Mail, and found a Jetta 3, 1994 model going for R30,000. Even though it was a bit expensive for me, I gave it a go. I went to look at it. I liked it, but was a little hesitant, and not keen as I knew I couldn’t afford it, and I hate trying to bargain someone down. So I told the guy I’d think about it and let him know if I could make a plan to come up with the cash. When the man found out what I did and how strapped for cash I was, he said he was planning on trading it in on a new VW anyway, and that he was only getting 15 on the trade in, but thought he’d try his luck on Junk Mail first… So he said if I give him 16 he’ll take it. I couldn’t believe it. I felt like my prayers had been answered. Though I know that Junk Mail also had a hand in things. SO I would like to take this opportunity to thank junk mail for the service they provide. If it wasn’t for them, I’d still be cycling everywhere.

    Regards – Enrico (BUYER)

  47. Jade says:

    Helllooo Junk Mail.

    This is my buyer success story. With the emphasis on SUCCESS. It was a HUGE SUCCESS. I started a fashion design course last year after matriculating. Part of the course was actual sewing, and I needed a sewing machine. I thought I’d check to see if I could find anything on Junk Mail before forking out tons of cash on something new. I found what I was looking for, made the call and discovered that the person stayed just around the corner from me. To my surprise she was one of the top fashion designers in SA. She asked if she could see some of my work. So I came back that afternoon with some of the dresses, jackets and hand-bags I had made and she was very impressed. She offered me a year’s free training in one of her design classes, with the option of working for her once I was finished. I jumped at the opportunity. After doing just 6months of classes this year, I started working for her. I’ve also had the privilege of conducting some of her design classes. I have also won 2 of the design competitions she has entered me in. And the sewing machine I bought is running like a dream, and worth its weight in gold.

    Thank you OH SO much Junk Mail. I could never have dreamed of having a career like this.


  48. Mark says:

    Good Morning

    I would firstly like to thank Junk Mail for the work they do, and service they provide.

    In 2005 I was looking in Junk Mail for a property to invest in, and also to use as a holiday house. I found someone who was selling a house in Port Alfred. It had magnificent sea views, and was very near to shops etc. I got it for a very good price as the family who stayed there urgently needed to move to JHB. So it was a great investment financially. It has also been a great holiday house for our family to go to, and has brought in good income from holiday makers renting it.

    The reason why this is a success story, is that my parents retired last year… So we had the perfect place for them. And they love the coast, even they had spent most of their lives in Pretoria. They are now settled down in beautiful area, which is safe and comfortable to stay. We also get to visit them in our favourite holiday destination. We now go down at least twice a year visit, and enjoy the place as well.

    All thanks goes to Junk Mail. Great Job guys 🙂

    Thx – Mark

  49. daniel says:

    i had a dream of buying car, but I did want to buy newone because I did have license. So I decided to look for it on Junk MNil, it took me few months looking for the one I like. I found a VW Golf Tenacity 2009 model with 17000 km. I am Greatful for Junk Mail. I know when looking for something where to look.

  50. Jade says:

    Hello Henno,

    I see on the facebook page that I won yesterdays competition. I am really happy about this. But I have not received confirmation of this via e-mail. I hope you have the correct address?

    Thank you so much 🙂


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