Sheltered space and carports for sale

Protect your vehicle from the elements by finding carports for sale. With so many different options it is advisable to do some research first. Here is useful information on everything from a DIY Carport, to the different types of carports you can choose from.


The Useful Carport

Carports are designed to store cars and trucks. They can also be used to store boats and recreational vehicles. The difference between a carport and a garage is that a carport has open sides. Easier to construct than a garage, a carport is also more affordable. The disadvantage is that they offer no storage space.

Carports can be free standing or they can be attached to a building. Carport designs consist of supporting posts as well as a roof. Wood, vinyl and aluminium can be used to build carports. You could also use steel.


The main reason to buy a carport is to protect your vehicle from different weather conditions. Whether it’s strong sunrays or heavy rain, its best to keep your car undercover. The advantage of having a carport is that it increases the life of your vehicle and decreases maintenance costs. A carport is therefore a good investment.

The size of the carport you choose will depend on how many vehicles you need protection for. You can build a carport for one, two or even three vehicles. Carport prices depend on the type of material that is used. To help you make up your mind here is more information about the different types of carports for sale.

Steel Carports

A steel carport has the advantage of being strong and durable. If you are looking for a top quality carport for your vehicles, galvanized steel carports are a great option. A one-piece roof contributes to the strength of the carport design. A zinc finish helps to protect the carport from rust. Another benefit of steel is that it is fire resistant. It is also more durable when it comes to termites and mould.

The Wooden Carport

A Wooden Carport can be crafted to complement your house’s design. The biggest benefit to these types of carports is that they are more attractive than other options. Wood is durable if you take care of it properly.


Opting for Vinyl Carports

This type of carport is less popular than steel and wood. However, the benefit of vinyl is that it is easy to construct a carport using this material. It is also water resistant and strong.

Aluminium Carports

Aluminium carports are less in demand than those constructed of wood and steel, however they have the advantage of being lightweight. There are also options of different coloured aluminium carports which means that you can match the colour to that of your house. You can even find portable aluminium carports for sale. A portable carport is made from an aluminium frame with a cloth roof. They can be used as protection from the sun and wind.


A DIY carport to get the job done

Going the DIY Carport route might, depending on the materials you use and where you purchase your material from, be cheaper than finding an already built one for sale. Once you know what to do it’s easier than you would expect to make your own carport. Firstly you will need to buy the required building materials. Next measure the ground to ensure that you have a big enough space for your vehicle.

Once you have selected the right spot, you can prepare the ground. Make sure that the ground is level and remove grass from the area. You can leave the ground bare or add a layer of gravel or concrete. You could even use part of your driveway to form a concrete base.


If you are looking for an easier option, you can buy a DIY carport kit. Once the ground is ready you can dig the holes for the posts and set the six poles by pouring concrete into the holes. Make sure the concrete has dried properly and the poles are secure before you add the roof beams.

The first step to building the roof is attaching the rafters to the side beams. Then you will need to fix the roof boards onto the rafters. It is advisable to get the biggest boards that you can as this adds to the stability of the structure. Make sure that the structure is solid and if it is not, add stability braces.


Now that you know more about the different types of carports for sale you can find an option that matches your requirements on Junk Mail. Your budget will also influence your decision. Selling your carport? Why not place your FREE AD on

Sheltered space and carports for sale
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Sheltered space and carports for sale
Protect your vehicle from the elements by finding carports for sale. With so many different options it is advisable to do some research first.
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