Should you give a pet for Christmas

Are you thinking of buying a puppy or a kitten pet as a present for someone this Christmas?

That is not a very good idea!

Giving someone a pet as a gift is a sweet thought, but it doesn’t always have good consequences.

Many unwanted gift pets end up abandoned and or in shelters. Sometime people just can’t afford looking after pets, or they simply don’t know how. Sure that puppy looks cute with a bow around his neck, but what happens to the puppy when the novelty wears off?

If you give someone a pet you absolutely have to be 100% sure:

  • They want a pet of that specific species and breed.
  • They can afford to care for a pet
  • They have permission to keeps a pet at their home.
  • They don’t have a family member who is allergic to that pet.

Getting a pet is a serious decision and not a choice that you should make for somebody else. They should have explicitly told you they were planning to get that kind of pet.

Junk Mail’s Christmas Section has lots of other gift ideas to choose from.

During the festive season there is also an increase of people just abandoning their pets when they go on holiday. Some leave their pets home alone and uncared for, some even as much as drop them off next to the road. This is unthinkable. Pet rescue centres go into crisis mode during the December holidays, due to the increasing number of pets they receive. Wet Nose has told us that they are running out of food.

This December, if you’re thinking about getting a dog or a car, rather adopt than buy. Go to your local rescue shelter and give a homeless pet the best give of all, your love.

Don’t however adopt a pet as a gift for someone else. You don’t want the poor animal to be recycled and simply end up back at the shelter. You can also have a peek in our pets section. Click on the advanced search and select “give away”. Beware of crooks trying to take advantage of your good nature.There should be a picture of the pet and the advertiser should only be advertising in one region.

If you cannot afford to get another pet, consider pinching a few Rands of your gift-budget and donate some pet food to a shelter such as the SPCA, Wet Nose, FORA, etc.

Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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