A simple journey to saving money on fuel

With the cost of fuel increasing regularly, ways to save fuel has now become the first thought on every driver’s mind. But with changes in their driving habits, they won’t only save money on fuel, but also save the environment.

Below are some cool motoring tips to help you save the environment as well on as your spending on fuel:

1. Maintain Your Engine – Service Regularly

Maintaining your car the proper way and servicing it regularly, not only reduces fuel consumption but also cleans out the air filters as well as the engine. A well-tuned engine with fresh oil, high fluid levels and new air filters operates more efficiently than one that is neglected.


2. Limit the number of trips

When your car is parked for a few hours, the engine gets cold. This results in the increase in the amount of fuel used in the first 8 kilometers due to the engine being cold. Ideally, you can combine all your errands and make one trip.

3. Remove Unnecessary Weight

If your car contains half your house or closet, it’s time to clear it out. Your car’s trunk and back seat is not extra storage space for you. This extra weight increases your fuel consumption. So clear out your car and save a lot more on fuel.


4. Check your tyre pressure

The lower the pressure is in your tyres the more fuel is used to move down the road. Check your tyre pressure on a regular basis, ideally every fortnight and ensure you are filling the required amount of pressure.


5. Don’t drive as if you are on a race track

Don’t race, you are not on a formula 1 race track. Speeding up to make a green light and it changes red and you suddenly have to brake. Sudden accelerating and braking increases fuel consumption. Keep to the road speed limit, maintain a consistent driving speed, and change gears when you need to. Dragging out gears uses a lot more fuel. The higher the gear the lower the fuel consumption.


6. Plan your journey

One wrong turn can result in a few extra kilometers which will burn more fuel. Before departing it’s best you plan your journey using a GPS and also select routes that has no traffic or accidents. Also avoid driving in rush hour traffic, as the stop-and-go motion increases fuel consumption.

Some drivers have already become fuel savvy. A well planned out journey together with a well maintained car can save you a lot of money on fuel. These are just some great tips to save money on fuel, if you have any other tips let us know by commenting below!

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  1. Great post Neshika- I think it is also a great idea to remove roof racks as it can cause unnecessary dragging, effectively requiring the car to work harder and use more fuel. -Caroline

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