Simplistic security with palisade fencing

Secure your home with palisade fencing. Simple to install and hard to break through, finding palisade fencing for sale is a great solution for your property and its security.

The strength of this fencing means that you can rest easy knowing that your loved ones are protected from criminals. From palisade fencing prices to low maintenance costs, there are plenty of advantages to this home security solution.

palisade fencing

Palisade fencing as a home security option

Palisades refers to steel or wooden stakes which are used to create a wall. These types of fences are typically made from steel or wood. Factors to consider when selecting fencing include security, durability and aesthetics.

Palisade fences demarcates your property and maintains privacy. It creates a barrier for your children and pets to play in the garden safely. It offers a secure barrier as it is difficult to climb over. Its strength makes it hard to cut or damage.

When palisade fencing is erected the stakes are placed vertically next to each another with gaps in-between them so that they form an enclosure. Typically the wooden or steel stakes are pointed at the top with the bottom part of the stake stuck into the ground.

These types of fences range in height according to the purpose of the structure. In the case of home security, the height of the fences are increased to deter intruders.

palisade fencing for home security

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Choosing your palisades

When it comes to security options for the home, opting for palisades is an excellent choice. You can erect fences around your home to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Electric fences are a popular option especially in neighbourhoods where crime is prevalent. The top of the fence is electrified and the bottom is grounded.

These fences offer better security than brick walls as it is more difficult for thieves to hide behind the palisades. It is advisable to keep the area clear so that criminals can be spotted easily. Keep bushes and trees away from the palisade so that you have a clear view.

Advantages of palisade fencing

Adding palisade fencing to your property has numerous advantages. Not only is it an excellent home security solution, it also adds value to your property. Adding a well-constructed fence improves the resale value of your home which makes it a good investment.

palisade fencing for sale

These fences are available in a range of materials, heights and colours which allow you to customise your fencing so that it meets the needs of your property. By customising the colour of your fence you can increase its aesthetic appeal. Paint helps to protect the steel as well as improving its appearance.

The pre-fabricated posts are usually placed 2.75 metres apart. Stakes are secured to the rail with regular spaces between them. The nuts and bolts are specifically designed to make it difficult for potential intruders to tamper with them.

Steel palisade fencing provides you with outstanding durability and strength. Steel has the advantage of lasting longer than wooden fences. Steel posts are not affected by extreme weather conditions and they are also resistant to fire damage.

Disadvantages of palisades

The disadvantage of steel fencing is that it can be less attractive than wooden palisades and other available options. If you are looking for a natural look, steel may detract from the style of your home.


Palisade fencing prices depend on the material that you use as well as the length of the fence that you need to secure your house. Fences that is constructed from steel is affordable to install and it also comes with low maintenance costs.

If damage does occur to a section of the fence, it is easy to replace the damaged sections at a reasonable cost. The affordability of steel palisades makes them appealing to many homeowners.

Take your home security to the next level with palisade fencing. Whether you have just bought a new property or you are improving the security at your current home, opting for palisade fencing for sale is a great option.

Simplistic security with palisade fencing
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Simplistic security with palisade fencing
Secure your home with palisade fencing. Simple to install and hard to break through, finding palisade fencing is a great solution for your property.
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