Smart fuel cost calculator helps you save

There is now a smart fuel cost calculator that can help South Africans budget better. The tool is the first of its kind to hit the web, and uses knowledge of the latest fuel price hikes and drops to keep you in the fuel spend-and-save loop.


Thanks to the ever-changing fuel price in South Africa, there is a fair amount of uncertainty regarding how much motorists will have in their pockets at the end of the month after a fuel price hike or drop. Now there’s a tool that ensures you know exactly how a fuel price change will affect your wallet – to the cent.

  • Budget smart

Drive South Africa’s fuel cost calculator launched this month, and is set to help motorists stay on top of fuel expenses – helping them budget better. The web-based app is fully responsive and  tells you how much you can expect to pay on fuel during the month, plus how much money you will save compared to the previous month, when there is a fuel price drop. Similarly, if there is a fuel price hike, the tool will tell users how much more they can expect to pay on fuel, thereby preparing them to tighten the purse strings in the month ahead.


Thanks to the past five consecutive fuel price drops, South African road users have become used to having extra cash to spend at the end of every month. However, with the recently predicted fuel price hike set to climb from March 4, 2015, motorists can benefit from using the monthly fuel cost calculator to prepare themselves for how much the fuel price increase will affect their bank balance at the end of the month.

  • Set to help real people

“I’m always looking for ways to budget better for my family. I’ve been monitoring our fuel savings over the last few months and this month I happily bought my 6-year-old son a winter uniform with the money I’ve saved on fuel this month compared to what I was paying six months ago. The fuel cost calculator saves me the hassle of doing the calculations manually, and as a mom, anything that saves me time gets a thumbs-up in my books.” says Drive South Africa Sales Manager, Ellena van Tonder.


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