Smartphones vs. Digital Cameras: Which is best?

Smartphones are great to take photos with if you don’t have your digital camera with you. However, there are still plenty of advantages to owning a digital camera.


When it comes to cameras for sale South Africa has a variety of models on the market. With so many models to choose from it is easy to find one which meets your requirements. The benefit of buying a digital camera is that you can choose a model that has the right features to meet your needs. There are plenty of second hand cameras for sale online which make buying a digital camera an affordable option.


Although smartphones have capable cameras, there are important features that they do not have. Digital cameras offer more manual control options so that you can make adjustments to take the best photos possible. Taking photos can be tricky as there are numerous factors that influence the outcome of your photo. Light, movement and composition all contribute to the final image. Digital cameras have a wider range of adjustable settings so that you can be sure to capture the perfect image.


Another benefit of a digital camera is that there are numerous different lenses available. While smart cameras have developed adequate zoom capabilities the power of zoom lenses for digital cameras is unrivalled. If you want to take photos of objects which are far away, then a digital camera is essential. Excellent zoom capabilities are crucial if you enjoy wildlife photography. While you are on holiday at one of South Africa’s game reserves, you can capture spectacular photos of wildlife with a digital camera. Taking photos of sporting events also requires a digital camera. Avid surfers can stand on the beach and take photos of their friends riding the waves with a zoom lens. Digital cameras offer better quality photos for extreme close ups as using the zoom on smartphones can result in a pixelated image. Taking extreme close ups with a digital camera will also allow you to adjust the settings so that the subject is the focal point and the background is faded.


Larger lenses capture more light which result in better quality images. Digital cameras with larger lenses are great for low light conditions when using a flash would ruin the ambiance of the photo. At night when a flash is required, digital cameras offer photographers a more powerful flash than smartphones. Digital cameras take better quality photos at night as these shots require a stable camera with long exposure times.

Digital camera batteries last longer as they are only used for taking photos. If you are using your smartphone to make calls or send messages, you may find that your battery charge has been depleted when it comes to taking photos.

The purpose of your photos will determine whether you use a smartphone or digital camera. Smartphones are great for snapping quick shots when you are out with friends, but digital cameras are better suited for capturing timeless memories. If you want to develop, edit and keep the images from a special occasion, it is better to use a digital camera.


With so many benefits to owning a digital camera, it is easy to see why people choose to own both a smartphone and a digital camera.

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