Smartphones and their options

Most of us want to own a smartphone; something that will keep us in contact with anyone and anything at any time. A phone that will allow you to download apps and use the device for more than just phone calls and SMSes.MTN-Steppa

However, for a lot of South Africans, buying a smartphone is simply not an option due to the cost of the devices as well as the cost of keep the phone working, to be able to buy data to download apps and keep up with everyone else.

To give people something better than a feature phone, Vodacom launched the Vodafone Smart Mini, retailing at R799. MTN answered with The Steppa retailing at R599. Both these phones are ‘Android phones for everyone’.

First time smartphone users, those used to working with feature phones, have no complaints and are very impressed with the usability and functions of the phone. The big differentiator between the cheaper versions is their speed and internal data storage.

Users who, however, downgraded from a high-end smartphone like a Samsung Galaxy or iPhone, are not as happy. This could be because they are used to the mighty and powerful workings of the Android, IOS or Microsoft devices.

Your budget will most probably decide which phone you will get, so if you would rather save some money, buy one of the many cheaper version smartphones. If brand and perfect functionality is what you are after, we suggest you rather buy a Samsung, iPhone or Microsoft phone.

As always, Junk Mail has whatever you need in one place:




MTN Steppa

Vodafone Smart Mini

Nokia Asha

Let us know what you prefer or place a Free ad for your device here!

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