SMS Payment Confirmation Scam Warning

Junk Mail has been around for almost 20 years. Over the years we have brought thousands of buyers and sellers together. One of our aims has always been to ensure that our users are informed and aware of various scams that are out there.

A few years ago the Wireless Application Service Providers (WASPA) made the Junk Mail team aware of a SMS scam targeting second-hand goods sellers. This scam is a version of the Advance Fee Fraud Scams (or 419 scams).

How this scam works

A scammer will pose as a potential buyer and offer to buy goods from second-hand sellers. They’ll use a commercial SMS messaging service to send the seller an apparent legitimate confirmation that they have deposited money for the goods into the sellers’ bank account. They will then insist on taking goods from the seller (who will soon discover that no deposit was made into his / her bank account).

Unfortunately, it is all too easy for scammers to create and send an SMS that is a convincing replica of the ones a banking institutions might send when someone makes a deposit into your account. This scam targets people selling goods in newspaper classifieds or via online services (like Junk Mail and other classifieds websites). The scammers operate mostly on the weekends and in the evenings.

How to avoid being a victim of this scam

If you are selling an item and a potential buyer behaves like this, do not release the goods you are selling until you see the deposit reflected in your bank account when you look at your statements online or using cellphone banking. The best way is to make sure that you have the cash in hand / that the funds deposited are available for your use before you release any goods you have for sale.

WASPA and its members have been taking a proactive approach to fighting this abuse of commercial SMS messaging platforms. Any member of the public who has fallen prey to such a scam is urged to immediately report the matter at the nearest police station where they will be able to open a case.

If you have been a victim of / subjected to this scam you are welcome report the person you’ve dealt with to us. Contact our Customer Care department on 012-3423840 x2295 or E-mail us a report of what happened to

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Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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225 Responses

  1. anonymous says:

    As of recent as yesterday, I was contacted via email by the following person Akintola Suyi, using a yahoo email adress. He claimed to be in Pretoria and requested that I send my banking details to him, he would pay the money in and I could post the item to him. He must think that I am so stupid that I would release the goodsds on that. My reply to him was I don’t give out my banking details or any private info. I have noit heard from him since! People beware these guys are real! Most of them seem to be foreign nationals!

    Junk mail thank you! I have been caught once and not again!

    I found it has helped to put your terms in your add eg like cash only, no cheques or bank transfers! Goods will not be released until the cash is in your hand!

    Watch out there are real chance takers out there and who will think nothing of parting you from your goods in a blink of the eye.

    • Toyah says:

      I have just been contacted by this guy as I am selling a piece of jewellery and he says he is in Pretoria and has cash I thought I would do a background check and thank you for having these posts available and I will tell him I am not interested to avoid being scammed too!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I recently had a false FNB electronic transfer by Jeremy Eaton from “Houghton”. Address : 102 Pinehurst Place, Louis Botha Avenue, Cnr Pine Street. The transfer looked so real. Be on the lookout for him. Luckily I didn’t deliverbecause the payment never showed up in my bank.

    • lindelani says:

      I have been scammed by the same moogoo. I have their cell numbers (which should have been rica(d) – which means their ID and proof of residence are available. I have their faked payment email with faked STD bank letter. I am taking them on!!! Anyone wanting to join me (which would strengthen the case) email me at

      • Junk Mail Admin says:

        Hi Lindelani – Thanks for your feedback. Please forward us details of the scammer you are dealing with. You can reach our Customer Care Department via – include phone numbers and names that are being used.

        • Deon Bekker says:

          This bastard is trying to scam me, his nr is 0767097064 he`s going by the name Leighroy… i`m selling a ps2, he didn`t even ask the price then he said i must deliver and he will pay me ekstra R150, then he even took the games for an ekstra R300, address 102 pinehurst, louis botha ave and pine street, if it sounds to good to be true it probably is, hope you catch this ^@#$%^

          • Junk Mail Admin says:

            Thanks for your comment Deon. If you haven’t reported this person to the SAPS yet, please do

          • gift says:

            i today had the same guy by the name of Andrew. Adres is 3 st Johnsview Cnr pine str and St Johns Road Upper Houghton. 0725890499 is his number. I got a notification sms

          • Henno Kruger says:

            Thanks for sharing Gift.

  3. Anonomous says:

    Hi, I have just been scammed by the same group of guys! And I was stupid enough to have fallen for it!! But I was desperate to get the money for my family!

    What kind of human beings can do this to others? How would I go about dealing with this situation? Surely I cannot let them get away with it?

    Everyone please be careful, if a guy by the name of Wayne Fraser contacts you (his number is 079 191 0875) he is a scam artist! He will give you the address if 102 Pinehurst Place, Louis Botha Avenue! Do not fall for it!!

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Anonomous. Thanks for letting us know about this. Please forward us details of this scam via

      • lieza says:

        Hi. My sisters wants to sell her HP laptop and she got a nedbank notification that said money transfer from nedbank to absa. How do I know it is real. And not a scam. Thank you!

        • Heinrich van den Worm says:

          The best is to accept cash instead of en EFT, but if the other person does the EFT while you are present it should be okay. Follow your gut, if it feels like you are being scammed or something does not add up, then don’t go ahead with it.

    • Anonomous says:

      Please be on the lookout for this scam if you selling your goods on Gumtree they send you a bank SMS notification that the money has been transferred into your account they use a fake address 2 Pine Street and St John Road Houhton 2198, the catch is they ever offer extra money if you deliver, the goods here is his cellphone number 0843526390
      the notification comes from bulk SMS number +27 84000151070240

  4. Wam says:

    Hi have also been scammed by R miller he made a paymd and send me a proof from nedbank and a copy of his id this is also fake went to nedbank they are invest something must be done if anybody can help will be nice thanks

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Wam – Thanks for your comment. Please forward us the full details / e-mails / phone number(s) that his person used. Contact our Customer Care department via ccc@junkmail.coz.a

  5. khalil says:

    Good day everyone. Please advise me on the SMS payment confirmation scam. I am quite sure that each bank in South Africa has it own unique incontact SMS notification number for a sellers to see before dispatching goods. An example if a payment confirmation is done into a FNB account to a user that has a Vodacom phone it will show up as +27820070153 or +27820070152.

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hey Khalil – The scammers fake the confirmation by sending an SMS via a web based e-mail service (like Web Mail). They copy the wording that gets sent out by the banks via SMS. The unsuspecting users don’t always pick up that its not a valid banking SMS.

      • khalil says:

        Hi Henno

        I hope everyone that receives payment must get the incontact sms from each bank like if one deposit money into a absa account it will show on your vodacom phone +27820070493

        If it is more than 11 digits with a different number on your vodacom it is a scam.

        You are right people dont check the authencity of the SMS.I hope they read this blog and take my advice.


        • Henno Kruger says:

          With regards to PayPal: After checking with a PayPal expert: There is no way to reverse it. Just be careful when dealing with electronic payment methods. If something looks or sounds dodgy. Rather sell your item on your terms and by meeting the buyer in person.

    • hein says:

      Afternoon, what will the unique number be for a standardbank notification?

  6. Pieter says:

    I’ve just been scammed by these guys. Simon Kalal 0726646384

  7. Pieter says:

    Guys I made a case at the SAPD. There is a investigator on the case. If anyone comes in contact with these criminals please contact me ASAP, so that I can arrange with the police. We need to catch them red handed. My nr is 0721441056 Pieter. Email

  8. Christo Roestof says:

    MR. ANDRIES MOKOENA! SCAMMED me bad Lost R6000 Worth of PC Equipment gave a FAKE Payment Confirmation from Nedbank, Fake SMS Payment Confirmation + Fake ID Document bluddy unbelievable!

    “Andries Mokoena” THIEF!Cell : 078 699 4528
    “PAUL” THIEF! BROTHER or something of him pickup pc in Cape Town. Cell : 078 860 8719

    If someone know anyone in high places please find this bastards i can mail u “PAULS” Car Registration and how he looks like i took photo’s i WILL KILLEM FOR THIS!

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Thanks for reporting this to us. Please forward us all these details to our Customer Care Department. You can reach them via

    • Claire Campbell says:

      Please forward me all details! Am going to the bank tomorrow, he has just scammed me out of an iMac and R10,000!!!

    • Claire Campbell says:

      Hi, I need to go to the police and make a case against this guy. I have a copy of the cheque he tried to use in part two of his scam of me, so maybe that will help to catch him. Please email me any info you have.

    • Claire Campbell says:

      Hi Christo. Please contact me ASAP regarding this, I have opened a case and they are keen to follow up with you as this is clearly a syndicate. You can reach me at or on 0766987830. Please contact me urgently, I really want to catch these guys!

    • Willem says:

      Good day. Mr momoena also almost scammed me. Since monday i had about five people sending me fake proof of payments. After i told him my bank said the transaction did not go theough i never heard of him again. Be aware they also use the excuse ” my wife is leaving tonight for a business trip”. This is also a few numbers of scammers — +27 (71) 9292237
      +27 (79) 0304061

  9. Hi, Ryan Miller also contacted me yesterday, wanted to buy my XBOX360 from me, I still have the fake proof of payment on my phone, I am not going to stop to try and get him, luckily I did not give him anything

  10. Robbies says:

    hi almal sy edele Wayne is weer besig met sy skims, my seun het sy soundsystem op gumtree geplaas!! M<ail ek stel belang my adress 102 PINEHURST hOEK VAN PINE EN LOUIS BOTHA, Gel gaan ek saam en bel hom ok ek nie nou by huis en ek doen nou oorbetaling Gee dit solank vir die ou by my huis. terwyl ek wag google my vrou die adres en whala ek lees al jul stories. Hy gaan onder naam weer Wayne Khoza email adress en sy sell no 0785420759 Als seker ook vals.!!!

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Robbies – Dankie vir jou terugvoer. Stuur asb die besonderhede vir ons Klientediens afdeling. Kontak hulle via e-pos by

    • Claire says:

      I have just been scammed by the same person. I advertised a laptop on OLX, and was contacted by Arthur ( and 0785090446). He paid me an eft, sending a fake sms notification. I then met his friend Anderson at the SASOL on Louis Botha. Anderson’s number is 0785420759, which seems is the number for Wayne as well. Wish I had read this post before!

      • Henno Kruger says:

        Hi Claire – Sorry to hear that you were caught by this person. Please forward this info to our Customer Care Department via so we can notify our police contact about this person.

        • Anonymous says:

          I like to keep my name to myself as I may get in trouble for this. but the Wayne guy on 0785420759 is a MTN Subscriber and I have reported him, however he can’t be blocked on the network as he is a paying subscriber. He did try the same stunt with me as i was selling a Tablet. unfortunately I can’t give anymore than that he hasn’t used the number since tuesday the 6th, so i think he has been caught

        • A.alshswwa says:

          Hello Henna and Claire. I have offered my laptop on sale recently. Same this guy contacts me, he wants buy my laptop. He send me his number phone,
 Same email and number which Claire mentioned them above I have not contact him yet, but I was looking under his email, and I have found your comment, I want to say thank you so much for sharing your information and let be people be aware of it. How could I help you?

  11. Portia P says:

    I placed an ad on one of these online selling/buying platforms, a guy by the name of Rapheal Jacobs responded on his yahoo email and left me a number to call him, his number is 0762758169, he did not even care about the defects the couches had, he said he was from Basonia in JHB South and had just relocated this side and that his company _Horizon Trading would make a payment into my account from their nedbank account and then he will arrange for his company truck to come pick up the goods, indeed I received a sms notification from “nedbank from number +2782007076000000, luckily I had given him a dormant account that I don’t transact from or even save money in, believe it or not he had people within hours of “making that transfer” at my door to pick up the goods (did I mention that I’m in the Tshwane district and he in the JHB metropolitan-if he was even honest about his whereabouts) I told him that there was no way I was going to release those goods if the money wasn’t reflecting in my account, he promised to send me proof of payment, his id and proof of res-I still have not received either to this day. Yes he sounded foreign but had a rather cleaner accent, at times it was hard for me pick up the foreign accent because he hid so well. I did try and Google the guy and Horizon trading, nothing on him but Horizon trading is in Turkey…he did not have a Turkish accent that’s for sure. So my advice is do not feel pressurized and complied to release the goods because you have received the sms,proof of payment or any cheque, and if those goods are been fetched or expected to be delivered on the day, take that as a red light flashing at you…cause if it’s too good to be true, it’s probably not true. Take care peeps and watch out for these people, they are smart and canning, but you are smarter, don’t fall for their charm…I almost did and it made me realise how easy it is to fall into their trap but your intuition will always nag you to listen, don’t ignore it, no matter how desperate you may need those funds

  12. Jason says:

    He (Wayne) he is in the process of trying to buy a camera listed by myself today, boy is he in for a surprise… Have a trick up my sleeve for him…

  13. Bianca says:

    Hi all,

    me and my husband have also been scammed. By a man called Marko Tsepho, he succeeded to scam us out off tyres and rims worth R30000.00, he also sent us a payment notification from Nedbank and gave us a printed proof of payment on collection. Please be aware of the following numbers:
    0720489811 ; 0736700155; 0797659810 ; 0787965400 ; 0789487587. all numbers that were used during the scam.

  14. Sonja says:

    My son Jason was scammed by a guy that called himself Ponen. Must be false. He send a false sms that the R6000 was paid into my son’s bank account. Jason then shipped the hunting bow set to him. He discovered after a few days that he would never see the money or his bow again. Which make matters worse is that my boy died in a motor accident two days later. If that guy could only know what he did.

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Thanks for sharing this story Sonja. Sorry to hear about your boy. If you still have the details of this scammer, please forward them to our Customer Care consultant via so we can forward the details to our SAPS contact

  15. David says:

    A guy by the name of Simon at Tel No +27723982115 Tried to Scam me this morning.
    Luckily my gut feeling led me in the right direction and 102 Pinehurst, Cnr Pine & Louis Bothe Ave Houghton Came up and I Google’d the address.

    There it was, a scam alert from Junkmail.
    Just thought I’d let you know 😉

    Info Sent to Customer Care Via Email.

  16. Stof says:

    I had a sms this weekend from a guy Malvin Muller 0818415219 also from 102 Pinehurst, Cnr Pine & Louis Bothe Ave Houghton, also received a sms for payment confirmation, but likely I had not delivered yet, someone at the same address tried to scam my brother in law as well

  17. Malcolm says:

    I was contacted regarding my cell phone for sale, the ID was for a guy named Simon Muller, the ID looked fake, the POP was from nedbank and also look a bit off. the address i was asked to deliver to was 102 Pinehurst corner, Houghton. after i said i would wait for payment to clear i never heard from him again.

  18. Terrence says:

    Hi all. I got scammed!! I feel like an idiot. Advertised a tent and extension for R5200.00 This guy supposedly from Potchefstroof paid into my bank account, well so I thought. E-mail confirmation thereof looked legitimate enough. From Nedbank, but a week later no money. and no tent. His driver collected. Conned once… never again.

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Terrence – Sorry to hear that you were caught by this scammer. Please e-mail our Customer Care Department via and provide them with the details of this scammer. We will forward the details to our SAPS contact.

    • Icko says: is striking again, he sent me proof of payment from Nedbank but logo does not look great on top. Check with verify payment on Nedbank site and there were no payment made. He using 0838742447

  19. Anon says:

    I was scammed out of an iPhone 4. Sellers e-mail was and his cell is 0737625029. Sent me a fake proof of payment, which looked totally legitimate from Standard Bank. Claims his name was Nick Adams.

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Thanks for sharing these details with us Anon 🙂

    • Anon says:


      I have been contacted by this “Nick Adams” character – who wanted to buy an item from me – I can confirm that his cellphone number and name corresponded to your post.

      I was going to see him this afternoon, but something didn’t feel quite right – he was too eager, never answered questions, sounded dodgy when I spoke to him, and had absolutely no problem with the price of the item.

      Thanks for alerting other Junkmail users!!

      • Henno Kruger says:

        Hi Anon – Thanks for sharing your story with us 🙂

        • Brendan says:

          Hey there,
          on the 16th April 2013 I placed an ad onto Gumtree for a Nokia N8.
          This guy Nick Adams smsd me and wanted to buy the item.
          He said that he wanted to meet in Eastgate to do the swap.
          I suggested he do half the payment via EFT and when it clears, we meet and he gives me the rest in cash.
          I sent him my banking details and have not heard a response since.
          Please make other customers aware of this guy!!!!
          His number is 0741131473

      • Marika says:

        Well we got scammed on the 6th of March. The guy from 102 pinehurst place, Louis Botha ave & c/o pine street, Upper Houghton paid extra fuel money into our account for us to deliver the goods. We did as soon as we got the sms of proof of payment and the email of proof of payment. Yesterday when I phoned nedbank to verify the payment they could not help me as I did not have a correct ref number. So we decided to go to the police to ask them to escort us to the place were we delivered the good. As we were telling the SAPS Norwood the story one of the warrants told us they have just arrested a guy that did the same thing to another person. So he took us to him and guess what… it was the guy. How lucky can we be… So this suspect took us to a nigerian shop in hillbrow where he had sold our tv. so we got the tv back. the store were he sold the xbox was closed as it was about 21:00 last night. So the police are going to the shop today to see if the xbox is still there. If only I found this site sooner. I found it yesterday and printed out all the stories of people that was scammed by this bunch or people and gave them to the police officer.

        • Henno Kruger says:

          Hi Marika – Thanks for sharing this experience with us. Please send us a full account and details of the persons involved to our Customer Care Department. You can e-mail them via

      • kyle says:

        hi, i think i have just been scammed by this nick his cell phone number 0731096288?

    • Iphone 4 scammer Nick Adams says:

      The same almost happened to me today- sent, copy of his ID, proof of address and a shocking looking proof of payment as well as a sms confirmation. He posed as Nick Adams and claimed that his driver would collect the phone from me.

    • Angelo says:

      This guy is trying to ‘buy” a laptop from me. Still using the same details. I will stay away thanks!

    • Dirk says:

      I was scammed by the same person. They also work with a company called Phoenix cabs, I emailed them to ask about this as well as to get infomration on the car that came to collect the phone I was scammed out of, but have not heard anything back

    • anon says:

      Hi Anon – I too have been scammed out of an xbox, wish I saw this site earlier. I am looking for people that have been scammed by Nick Adams to help me catch this guy.

  20. Jamie says:

    Hi Everyone

    Just to inform you we very nearly caught “Mr Adams” tonight!!

    I was selling a computer on Gumtree and was contacted by Mr Adams.

    He offered to pay via EFT and said he was busy at work, and would send around a courier company to pick up the computer.

    This raised the alarm bells for me. Why would someone buy an expensive item like a computer without checking it out first?

    After the proof of payment SMS he sent failed verification on the Nedbank website, I immediately contacted our local SAPS.

    They came through and staked out under cover. When the driver eventually arrived, I put the goods in the car and the cops immediately sped up and arrested the driver.

    It turns out that the driver was unaware of the scam. The cops followed the driver to East Gate mall where Mr Adams was waiting. Unfortunately, however, whey they arrived, Mr Adams saw the cops were following the cab driver. He phoned the cab driver and said “why did you bring the Norwood police with you?”

    Anyways, please watch out for these scammers. Never release your goods until the money is cleared in your account.

  21. james says:

    hi, i got scammed from a guy named albert?? i sold my diamond ring to him and he sent proof of payment and i recieved a sms from nedbank saying that the money was deposited. that ring was the most special thing in my life and got scammed of R36000. i am heartbroken and dont know what to do. i need to find this guy and his phone has been off the past few days, he is situated in johannesburg and i need to find this guy and give him what he deserves!!!! he also goes by the name Thulami Percy. please help me in finding this syndicate. as this ring isnt cheap.

  22. LawT says:

    I use it helps me find out to whom the numbers belongs. Nice tool…

  23. Mich says:

    did this kenneth khoza guy ever come through?? i dealing with him right now

  24. Nic says:

    Hi Henno / All. At this current moment, K. Khoza ( Kenneth Khoza ) responded to one of my posts on Gumtree, and he sent me screenshot of a EFT payment notification.
    It seems like an ABSA billing SMS service, the phone number the SMS was sent from is: +278400015107… Kenneth’s phone number on the other hand is: +2778 878 5532
    I wonder if this is the same guy Janine was talking about. Let me know what you think.

    • Henno Kruger says:

      It may be the same person, but these guys change their names every time they get a call from a differ person.

    • Karen says: can identify who sent the sms from a prefix. I have been scammed by guys using: 27840001510
      This is a number used by Cellfind. I have contacted them and they will not release the customer details who sent the sms. I will be reporting them to WASPA, we should not let companies like Cellfind enable criminals. I suggest anyone else caught by this scam finds out who the sms was sent from using and demand the customer details, else report them to

  25. Moses Mabunda says:

    I have recently been scammed by someone who claimed to be “Frank McCarthy”, he sent me an SMS notification seemingly from Absa bank after making “payment” he then sent someone via Gautrain to come and collect the Xbox and Games I was selling at Hatfield Station.

    I took a picture of the person for whatever security that may be, this was done over the weekend and he said money would not reflect as it was weekend.

    I foolishly handed over the goods, learning my lesson in the process.

    The numbers used are 078 508 4151 for Mr. “McCarthy”
    and 073 795 7518 for the Collector.

    I sent the photo i took to junkmail via my personal email.

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Thanks for sharing these details with us Moses

    • Mtho says:

      Hi Moses I’ve also been scammed by the same guy but I have been talking to the guy who collecte the PS3 from me and he is keen to take me where the guy is my number is 082 425 6870 please call me lets go after this bastard

    • THANDO says:


  26. Mustapha says:

    Hi, I have been scammed by Kenneth Khoza via gumtree losing my PC, i3 2100 cpu, 4GB ram, hd7770 graphics card, intel dh67bl mobo, cooler master gx400 psu, cooler master k350 tower, cooler master hyper tx3 cpu cooler, lg dvd rewriter, samsung 20inch LED monitor, logitec wireless keyboard and mouse. I advertised it for R5300. Apparently his is from Grabouw and has a construction company. I recieved a absa sms payment as well as a pdf confirmation document. After 3 days of waiting I decided to go to the bank and found out it was fake then reported it to SAPS. His email is, his contact number is 0788785532, the guy that collected goes by the name of Sbu and his number is 0735748077. There were 2 of them and were driving a toyota corrolla with ‘spaza cabs’ logo on the doors. I was not able to get the registration because it was dark. Unfortunately I saw this page too late but please do be careful people. It is our hard earned cash goods being taken from us. Don’t let it happen to you and this is something you should pass on to people you know. Remember that if it seems too good to be true then it probably is. Make sure payments reflect in your bank account before handing off goods, do exchanges at police stations letting a police officer assist you and know what you about to do, never trust sms’s, and confirmation emails. These guys are smart and God has a plan for them.

  27. Dirk says:

    Hi guys, I just wanted to know if there has been any success with catching these guys. The same things come up the whole time and I can’t help but wonder why the police has not organised a sting operation to catch these guys.

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hey Dirk – There are a few who have been caught. If you contact our Customer Care Department with the details we’ll be able forward them to our contact at the SAPS. We are not aware of any sting operations that were launched for this though.

  28. Anje Holtzhausen says:

    A person called Basil Mohale with phone numer 0737957518 wanted to but 2 rings from me on gumtree today!

    One for R24 000 and one for R36000.

    I got emails today to say the money is deposited! Can you believe it! Says it is his daughters birthday.

    He will apparently send me his contact details where to post it to. Good time to get this to the police I suppose!???

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Thanks for letting us know about this Anje. The SAPS might be interested in this, indeed.

    • Loyiso says:

      yep. Basil Mohale is the very guy that scammed me off my Macbook Pro just yesterday. He made a cheque payment, which reflected in my account but failed this morning.

    • Soretha says:

      I am furious and feel like a fool! I was just scammed out of a Samsung Galaxy Tab and another R13,400.00 by Basil Mohale.

      I had proof of online payment and a copy of his supposed ID.

      The phone number that he communicated with to me is 074-925-1810 and the guy who collected the tablet phoned me from 078-584-0061.

      The ID number he supplied was 620613 3597 084.

      • Henno Kruger says:

        Thanks for sharing this info Soretha, please forward these details to our Customer Care department as well via

      • ruzaan says:

        OMW, so glad i googled this guy!!!

        he wants to buy a couch from me as we speak!

        he is using 074 925 1810 /

        makes me so flippen anry that there is so many dodgy people out there! 🙁

        • Henno Kruger says:

          Glad we can help Ruzaan

        • Cornell says:

          This Basil Mohale, using the number 0749251810, just tried to scammed me. He transferred the money for my apple ipad 4 everything. luckily i followed my gut and googled him and saw this, just too many things weren’t adding up. thank you for this blog!! i went to the Police to report him and they did not want to help me at all. So I really hope people will read and see this! please please please be Careful!!! people out there are so skelm! Do not transfer any thing before you received the cash!

  29. Michelle says:

    Advertised a Samsung galaxy note.Person by “the name of” J Randall contacted me and asked for delivery 0798314245 at Eastgate shopping centre.Asked me to send banking details to .Sent it and a couple of minutes later I got a message from “nedbank” to confirm payment.I am convinced this sms is not real and the guy keeps pushing me to bring the notebook.What do I do now?

    Please assist

    Thank you

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Michelle – This sounds like a scam. Ignore any messages / calls from him. Report him to the SAPS. Chances are that he’s caught out other people before.

  30. Trudie says:

    Hey there i just want to warn everyone that this FRANKLIN MCCARTHY cell: 0785084151 is still scamming people he just scamed me out of R10.000 this week.He is sending people to fetch the stuff at night and never return again with the money and if you call and ask all he say is give it 48 hours. so we are busy to get my stuff back

  31. Trudie says:

    Hey there Franklin Mccarthy has a new driver the number is 0826846947 they are demanding more money before deliver back my Generator. i gave them R350 and promise to give another R350 if they bring it back. but they didnt so they want R3500 more. What must i do they still answer their cell phones.PLEASE HELP

  32. Andre van Oudtshoorn says:

    Hi, I also got scammed by this Nick Adams guy,his number 0737625029, sold my galaxy tab for R4000, also got the fake sms from the bank and the cab driver. hope someone catches this guy soon, hopefully some of us can get our stuff back?

  33. Henno Kruger says:

    Thanks for sharing Anon

  34. Tanielle Oliver says:

    Basil Mohale

    Tried buying my iPad on OLX. Sent payment confirmation via SMS and email.

    The money never reflected in my account.

    I Googled him and found all the above information.

    He then called to hear if I had posted the iPad and I said, “Your reputation exceeds you!” So, he dropped the call.

    Thank you for websites like this!

    Next time Basil…

  35. Sherwin says:

    Thank you for having this forum as it has just saved me from being ripped off of my goods. I was a few moments away from handing my goods over to Basil Mohale today before I decided to do a google search on the mailing address he has been using, and cell 0747490973…I don’t have to tell you what the search brought up about this guy has his name has been mentioned more than once here. I’ve now cancelled the transaction and will be more careful not to give out my banking details in future. Thank you a millions times.

  36. Andrew says:

    Hello, Have just nearly been caught out by ol’ Mr Nick. Using the same address as before, wanted to buy my S3 LTE. thankfully I searched his email address. Who do I contact to get this guy in trouble?

  37. Ash says:

    I have been sent a sms and an email from my bank stating that the payment has been done. I have logged into my bank and noticed that there are uncleared funds in my account due to a cheque deposit. Where to from here? Please help.

    • Henno Kruger says:

      Hi Ash – This is most probably a cheque that was deposited. Don’t hand over the item unless you are 100% sure the funds have cleared. Contact your bank to confirm.

  38. Laptop says:

    This guy scammed me aswell Andrew Modise 0725890499.

    He still answers his phone.

  39. Thinus says:

    Advertised BB Z10 on OLX and was scammed by guy called Richard Baron with assistance of Phoenix cabs. Working on case with police.

  40. Erich says:

    There is another guy trying to do same story- I found his details on Facebook too: His “name” is Franck Muller and his cell number is 0846246681, his email address is and his “ID number” is 620133597084…

  41. Sean says:

    Hi All, I have been caught with this scam twice on the same day, sadly I didn’t read this website in time. I sold my iPad and camera on OLX, contacted by Paul Davids from Eastgate to purchase my iPad, an SMS notification from nedbank was sent and I thought it was authentic, delivered the iPad to Bruma, and 5 days later still no cash. Contact numbers used :
    Same with the camera was contacted by Zandi peterson, from Houghton, address delivered the camera 02 car Joe slovo and st john road. numbers used:

    I hope other people check this website out before more people get scammed. I have reported this to the SAP and i have subsequently blacklisted my iPad.

  42. Sean says:

    Hi All: I have been scammed , Unfortunately I did not read these websites as I would have been cautious. I placed 2 adds on OLX , 1 was for an iPad and the other a TV, 2 separate incidents happened on the same day. first a Man Posing as a Paul Davids from East gate, sends a nedbank ams Confirmation for the payment for the iPad which I though at the time was genuine, How wrong I was.I then delivered the iPad to his so called driver in Bruma, and no money received to date. the second incident was the sale of my TV a Man posing as Zandi Peterson also send a nedbank SMS confirmation which again I though was legit, well again wrong thought. I delivered the TV to a place given as 2 Cnr of Joe slovo and st Johns Road. I have since logged a police Report of theft and have black listed the iPad( Thankfully I had the IMEI number) People please beware careful of these seamsters. the numbers used: Paul David and Driver Paul David: 0840886390 Driver who collected the iPad: 0766644116 Zandi Peterson and collector of TV Zandi : 0763027316 Collector : 0710023421

  43. Jaco says:

    Hi guys got scammed by the same assholes. He poses as nick adams. Also sent me a confirmation of payment sms via std bank. Drove all the way to bruma mcdonalds to deliver the playstation 3 he bought from me. Got there and was met by a guy called lucky,nicks driver aparently, to collect the console. Phoned him to confirm the drop off. Up untill this day i have not received no money yet. This all happened on saturday the 4th of january 2014. His nr he uses is 0782013849. Please tell we can get somebody to trace this nr. I have already teported him to the police. Sê my as julle hom gevang het asb ek wil sy nek by sy gat omdraai!

  44. Valdo says:

    hi just got scammed by Nick Adams now now on the 7th. his collector seemed like he knew nothing, says he works at some welding company in lenasia LET’S GET THIS MOFO!!! that Xbox of mine was my pride and joy but needed the money

  45. Anon says:

    Hey guys , mr Nick Adams is striking again he is now using this mobile number 0782013849. How can we stop him ?

    He exchange goods around houghton and Bruma now, i got caught in his scam and had to deliver the goods at 2 houghton mansion – Cnr oak and louis botha ave

    • Anon says:

      Same guys at 2 houghton mansion called himself Edwin Ndou, collector was named ‘Anderson’. Phone numbers were 0786708119 and 0608396844.

      • Kevin says:

        Seems these same idiots have got me as well this past week.Can anyone help to catch these guys, I want to make an example of these people! Edwin Ndou, 2 Houghton mansion with cell number 078 670 8119…….these guys have to go down!!!

  46. Annonymous says:

    Hi I have just been scammed by a guy named Bradley Nduna and I fell for it. what do I do

    • Heinrich van den Worm says:

      Hi there. Feel free to reply with an in depth description of exactly what happened so that other users can be informed about this scam too. You can also get in touch with our Customer Care Consultant at Make sure that you file a report with the police too so that they can take it further from there.

  47. Hi people
    Sorry for the french
    But the same fucker nick adams tried to scam me today…got a big surprise for the puta!!!
    Thanks alot to everyone who has taken time to publish

    • Hi Jason, please send us any information you possibly have so that we can track scammers down. If possible their contact details.

      • Monde Ngezana says:

        Hi Francois Last I got scammed by the guy named Mike Jackson he sent me a fake proof of payment then sent his drive to collect the goods it was two jbl speakers worth R22000 and two pioneer 200 cdjs worth R12000 Plz help me man. he uses these numbers 0843765108, His driver uses 0616086722

  48. vonani says:

    Good Day,

    Please help me catch this criminal, I posted and AD on OLX, they guy contacted me and a send a cab to collect the Ipad from my work, but ‎ 

    ‎Criminal.      +27 72 541 6527

    ‎Cab driver. +27 71 205 9573

    The cab that collected my Ipad

    BP 96 GX GP Blue Renault Sandero.
    My Numbers 083 969 2233

    Nedbank Payment Notification: C MOYANA has paid R3,500.00 into Capitec Bank Acc No:..1280031733 03/03/2014,Ref: 20140303/NEDBANK/007629534  

  49. thando says:

    I can’t evn describe how hurt I am. Sterday morning I posted my samsung galaxy tab on OLX. I guy called mike khumalo called me. He said he wanted my banking details. Bcz I was so dsprate for tht money I then gave him. Unfortunalty he sent me a false notification frm Nedbank. I then realesed my tab. Well my mom suspcted nd she was pesistent tht I mustnt give tht guy my tab bt I eventualy did. Only noticed ysterday late tht thrs no money nd I only say this page today.when I call him he does pick up his phone claiming tht his in midrand hell call me I’ve been scammed my new tab. Bcz it was a contract I mananged to block it bt still I feel so stupid abt this. His number is 0744354915.

    • Yann says:

      hey thando.i also got scammed by the same so can we do to catch him?same name and same number he used

  50. Tanya says:

    I advertised a cellphone on olx, a guy called Philip Peterson 084 361 0830 contacted me, within 15min I received the confirmation sms. He then phoned me and then I told him I did receive the sms, but would like to wait till the payment is in my account, seeing that he wanted to send his driver to fetch it. Its been 2hours later and I havent heard anything from him. With this add, Andrew(dont know surname) 078 536 6282 also contacted me, said he can only do eft, after I asked if he has cash, I then again said I will wait till I receive the payment in my account, he wanted me to deliver it in Houghton, or send his driver, also 2 hours later and nothing!! Thank goodness one of the people that wanted to buy the phone told me to be careful about these eft scammers, im really glad I listened to him… Please dont fall for these scams, think twice, and rather try to get cash for your goods

  51. MM says:

    Watch out for a guy calling himself Cuthbert Sithole, he just recently scammed me off my laptop,his number is 0731576747. Everythinh seemed legit. Watch out

  52. Yann says:

    I feel so disgusted now.I got scammed by Mike Khumalo.i sold him my laptop and he sent someone to pick it up.i did receive an sms notification bt after reading all these posts and even coming across someone who has been scammed by the same person,i just now realize the mistake i did.his phone number is:0744354915

  53. Mohamed Zuber says:

    I have contact by guy name Darren Khoza. I wanted to cheak make sure about him so I googled the name and one of the web I opened it says that he has cheated many people. I have the email address which is’’and contact number is ‘0763767676’

  54. Cloud says:

    Hi,i was hit by scam too, , for my lovely laptop which i was selling on gumtree, , the guy by the name j.Randall depost money vie nedbank to capitac where when i go to the bank, , they say it will click after 2 days even today theres no money when i call him hes on voicemail, , a driver who deliver the laptop he said he give it to a guy in hilibrow near police station, , his number is 0762891073 is there anyone who can help put an ad to gumtree nd we track this guy, , i know we can track him

    • HM says:

      Same happened to me. Jeremy Randall sent me proof of payment and everything, and then sent the couries to pick up the package (cant believe i was stupid enough to send the laptop without insisting on the funds showing in my account.) Money never showed!!! Guys like this must be caught. There must be a way to catch them!

  55. lin says:

    Jeremy randall tried to con me out of R10500
    After being contacted by him and sending him my banking details, i received an sms from what seemed to be nedbank, but i have been conned in the past so i phoned nedbank and the assisted me on their site where i found the ref number is bogus so i told him if the money does not reflect in my Account as available founds and my bank hasn’t sent me an sms stating that money has been payed in then i will not deliver..
    He then gave me a story about his son going away and he wanted to give it to him as a gift, but still i resisted.

    He then told me that i must just pay his money back if i cant deliver it that day, so i told him, Only when it shows in my account then i will do so.

    So he upped his game, and deposited a cheque into my account, i got an sms from my bank, but a cheque lays pending for a few days so does not reflect until cleared and can obviously bounce.. he then asked me to pay him back or deliver the goods, how dumb does he think we are? First he said he did an eft and i received an sms from nedbank and an email from him with proof of payment..then a cheque deposited from an atm, what a joke?

    He later reversed the cheque payment. I was fortunate to have seen the red lights but he will continue with this scam..

    But next time think, who will pay for goods they have not seen or tested? The cellphone number he used was 0720454531 and his email

  56. Marchant says:

    Hi everybody ! Same thing here….not confirmed yet that i got scammed but i just know it after i found this blog. Advertised my Ps3 for sale and they offered to buy it and sent proof of payment from Nedbank via attachment and sms confirmation. Something didn’t feel right but i needed the cash, so i got suckered. Also an addres in Houghton and also a cab service who picked the parcel up from my house. But i told the cab driver that something felt off.. So i asked him to phone me if he felt something was dodgy. And he did.. He told me that the guy “Alan Patos” gave a false address “96 Dunbar street Bellevue johannesburg”. But the driver waited a while and saw that the guy walked around the corner to if i remember correctly Regent heights in Bezuidenhout str Houghton. It’s a group of flats or something. Hopefully this info might help.

  57. Khanya says:

    Hi everyone… we got scammed yesterday with our daughters pram…

    My husband and i would like you to email us on if you want to catch this thief.

  58. Nigel says:

    Hi Guys, I think an operation can be done whereby if someone sends you a fake notification you play along and get the cops involved (plain clothes and armed) at the pickup or drop off scene. They simply cant resist the urge to steal from people these punks

  59. Blitz says:

    Hi , this is my predicament, i am selling a phone via gumtree, i was contacted by someone who supposedly wants to buy the phone for a friend, and wants me to ship it to this said friend in nigeria, the buy is american , apparently. he claims that he has already sent the money from his account and that it has been deducted, he says he included the money for shipping in the deposit, but somehow the money is pending within my account, awaiting me to send my tracking number for the package,and only then will i have access to the money, which makes no sense because i would need his money in order to send the package… so guys, what should i do?

  60. Rob says:

    Hi everybody. I have just “sold” my xbox 360 to edwin/edward ( 0786708119 ) and he is on his way to the krugersdorp police station. (Which is the place i have told him to meet me.) Anybody wanting to meet him there and reclaim their money? He will be there in about half an hour. The address is 118 commissioner street, krugersdorp. Lets take these scammers down!

  61. Lourens says:

    I Almost got scammed by Darren Khosa, he told me he did a payment but I didn’t want to send my parcel till I saw the money in my account but he was SO persistent he sent me his ID, 2 proof of payments and company details. I was very suspect about the deal so I phoned absa and I tried to make sure it was not a scam but he had a clever answer for everything and he told me to send it via bus parcel “courier” then I said no the he even told me to give it to a taxi driver and then told me to give it to a random truck driver when he didn’t succeed in getting me to give it to them and I refused then he yelled at me and told me how I am stealing his money and going crazy. Be careful

  62. Charlotte says:

    I have been scammed by a very close friend of mine, she owed me money and sent me a fake sms and proof of payment,She also stole my ID and opened accounts in my name. i want to know how do these people send these fake sms that look real.

    • Hi Charlotte,

      Sorry to hear you’ve been scammed! It makes it even worse if it was done by someone you know, nevermind a close friend! Unfortunately all they need is to have an sms template of your account and a bulk SMS number.

  63. gift says:

    Hi. A guy by the name of Patrick Baloyi. He was meant to be buying a fridge from me and preferred to use a transfer method. His number is 0734991044. PATRICK
    He used a ABSA notice payment method showing an amount of R9500.00 deposited.

  64. Adri says:

    We almost got scammed this week lucky we refused to let the goods go until payment reflects in our bAnk account

  65. KB says:

    A guy who calls himself Deon Zwane, using the number 0726582870 tried to scam me as well, I posted an ad on Gumtree and OLX and within minutes I get an email from him saying he wants to buy my goods, the thing I found strange was him asking me if I am selling anything else because he wants to buy… But i ignored that, then I recieved an sms from an unknown number saying an amount of R3600 has been deposited into my account, the sms seems legit, but upon observing it, I realised that something does not add up. We really need to be careful of these people guys, always ask for cash on delivery, because no one in their right minds will transfer money to someone that they dont know, and arent certain the person will even pitch.

  66. BRUNO says:

    one of my sales assistant released goods after receiving a proof of payment (ABSA facked. the goods were delivered and the guy confirmed the receipt. he was using the name Emmanuel Lunga pretending to be a customer (trading as ATMEI CONSTRUCTION). The money to a value of R13 000 did not clear. He was using the cell no. 073 994 7641. After tring to call him, a lady was being used as a tool to answer and say “wrong number”. The guy is situated in Jorberg.

    • Hi Bruno,

      I am very sorry to hear that you were scammed! Please open a case at your nearest Police station asap with all the details you have.

      I’ve searched for these details on our database, and unfortunately s/he has not placed any ads so we do not have any more details.

      Please keep us updated by e-mailing:

      Thank you and good luck!

  67. Rotondwa Mathabi Angel says:

    interesting article, since the intermediaries were introduced we are experiencing a lot of scams in every department it is also happening also in the process of looking for a job, I say to the portals like Gum tree,Olx , before you post the advert that are posted to your search engines investigate to see if it is a scam or not just suggesting.

  68. samantha says:

    Hi guys here is another scammer his number 0784182459 his address 122 Louis Botha Avenue,Houghton.He says his name is Richard.He tried to buy 2 display fridges from me,even saying he is gonna pay the courier.I asked him from which bank is he paying the money he said from standard bank.I even got a confirmation sms from standard bank that he transfered the money from standard bank.Then he send me an email with proof of payment and his id.But the email was now from nedbank.He thinks the courier is coming tomorrow morning I’m not saying anything to him.I’m going to the police station tomorrow and report him.

  69. Adele says:

    I advertised a fridge on Saturday for sale the lady Ingrid who called me was insistent on doing an eft even before she saw the fridge.She then sent me proof of payment from ABSA. i called her back and asked how she could part with her money so easily without even knowing me and seeing the condition of the fridge she said she was scared someone else might get it before her. She wanted to come and collect it on Saturday and than God I was not as trusting as she appeared to be and I told her I would need to see the funds cleared in my account. Nothing cleared and she wont respond to my sms or calls. Be careful her number is 0780223152

  70. Rolanda says:

    Hi, i almost got scammed too!! Thank the Lord He was with me!!
    A guy names Sipho Khosa called to say he works in Limpopo and his son lives in Houghton named Cosmos Khosa. His son needed a PC that I was selling. Said he would EFT from ABSA the amount of R3000. Few minutes later got an SMS from +27 81160004043321 saying: 1/2: ABSA – Notice of payment: S.Khosa had paid R3,000.00 into First National Bank Acc***00000000000 S.Moodley EFT Date:2017-06-04 17:09:31 Ref +27000000000 / (Put in zeros not to give my info away).

    We went through to Houghton but on our way our phones died and couldn’t get to the destination. We were in Houghton, even asked a security to charge one of the phones to call the son but soon the phone died again. But when we saw the area, it looked very dangerous and after driving around for about 2 hours we decided to go home. Address given was Houghton Groove, Cnr Elis and Cavendish, Bellevue East, JHB, 2198.

    When we got home and turned on our phones we got rude messages, saying what kind of business do we operate, etc. The Sipho Khosa said he called the bank to put the EFT on hold and will only release when the computer is delivered to his son!!! What an idiot….EFT payments cant be held back….or reversed. I know because I tried once.

    Thank God our phones died and we never met these scammers!! There numbers are 0827557472 and 0762945930.

  71. Wiane says:

    Good afternoon,

    This is quite urgent

    I recieved a payment from STB to my ABSA mastercard.

    They picked up the good before payment cleared, is it possible for them to reverse the payment?

    Payment made from

    Emmanuel pelo

    Is it possible for him to reverse the payment without my consent even if the payment hasnt cleared in my account yet?

    Kind regards
    Wiané Avenant

    • Jani Grey says:

      Good afternoon, Wiané

      We’re sorry to hear that you’re dealing with this situation, and would like to encourage you to make contact with your bank immediately to find out what’s going on with this specific transaction. Make sure to take the reference number with you so that they can trace it.

      Kind regards,
      The Junk Mail Team

  72. Teekay says:

    I was paid 2k n wen I checked my SMS the Acc blnc was 30k n wen I went to the ATM I still saw tht I had 2k only , how is tht possible …I mean balance on the SMS says 30k yet the atm display says 2k???

    • Jani Grey says:

      Hi Teekay,

      We would like to suggest that you please visit your banking institution and ask them to look into this for you. Make sure that you take the reference number in the SMS along with you so that they can run a check on that as well.

      Thank you for using Junk Mail.

  73. Stefan says:

    Hi i would like to inform junkmail that Emmanuel Pelo is still active out there he is gonna try to scam me tomorrow but i told him i wont release anything until my money is in my account for the goods he is interested in

    • Jani Grey says:

      Hi Stefan,

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention. If you have any additional information, please send it to and we’ll look into it from our side.

      Kind regards,
      The Junk Mail Team

  74. Sharmaine van Eden says:

    I have become yet another statistic and got schooled big time today!!!

    Advertised a DJI Mini Drone got contacted by 2x different parties. First guy was called “Clyde” apparently from a Photographic Studio in Midrand. Fake Proof of Payment was sent and I allowed them to collect the drone. To add insult to injury I also got contacted by a person called Peter Mooki apparently from Houghton that also apparently transferred money into my account. One Mr. Clyde (very professional and well spoken) phoned me to say that he “mistakenly transferred” an additional R850.00 into my account and asked if I could please EWallet this to him. I refused and said I will do so when the money has cleared and he was perfectly fine to do so. Same for Peter after I informed him that the drone was sold. Who in their right mind does not follow up when mistakenly transferring funds? So this sounds like a syndicate of note and who knows how far their grimy tentacles reach into.

    Unfortunately our fantastic banks can’t verify Proof of Payment sent via SMS as there is no transaction number – Thanks for informing us Nedbank and ABSA. Also a great help my own bank FNB is/was in this regard. If you are aware of it – why are you not ensuring that your consumers are being made aware…yet you have no problem in taking our fees each month?

    So the fake sms is sent to you using either a bulk messaging system or an app that can generate fake numbers etc. As a consequence the funds NEVER reflect in your bank account. So much for being an honest, trustworthy person.

    Furthermore these cunning criminals are extra in the fact that they are very clever not to get identified as they are using drivers that pose as Uber/Taxify drivers.

    I spoke to Taxify this morning and was informed of all of this. Just to find out another lady also got conned out of a Playstation in the exact same textbook manner.

    Is there any justice in the world?

    • Jani Grey says:

      Hi Sharmaine,

      We’re so sorry to hear that this happened to you, and thank you for sharing it with the rest of Junk Mail’s users. If you have any additional information, please feel free to send it to so that we can investigate from our side.

      Kind regards,
      The Junk Mail Team

  75. Roelien says:

    I unfortunately got scammed by this guy. His real name is Lethesa Jacob Tamane id nr 8402095555082
    Nr 079 613 1365

    • Jani Grey says:

      Hi Roelien,

      If you have additional information, please send it and any links to Junk Mail you might have to and we’ll look into it immediately.

      Kind regards,
      The Junk Mail Team

  76. olugaho mateka says:

    hey I posted an advert on olx , this guy called me immediately and say he will transfer the money. after few minutes I got sms saying I got the money. I gave him the laptop and right now reading your comments I really feel stupid and I know I was scammed. I feel like killing myself eix…

    • Jani Grey says:

      Hi Olughaho,

      We’re so sorry to hear you got scammed. We always encourage our users to never hand over any items unless you’ve confirmed with your bank that the deposit have been received. If you have the scammer’s details, think about going to the police and bringing it to their attention. You might just save somebody else from suffering the same fate.

      Kind regards,
      The Junk Mail Team

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