Snake Bite Jones at the Joburg Zoo

The Bird and Reptile Park at the Johannesburg Zoo is currently hosting an interactive show with Bryan Vorster, a.k.a. Snake Bite Jones.

Snake Bite Jones has bought many birds and reptiles from film and television. Vorster started volunteering at a Port Elizabeth snake park from the age of ten and by the time he was in Grade 12 he was running a park in Dedeur. He has gained a wealth of experience working at several South African parks.

Vorster trains birds for shows and also teaches people the right way to handle birds and reptiles. He aims to remove misconceptions surrounding these often feared and misunderstood beings.

The shows are 45-60 minutes long and on Tuesday-Sunday. The reptile show is at 11:00 am and includes several poisonous snakes, a scorpion, an iguana and a spider. The bird show is at 14:00 pm and includes several owls, vultures, birds of prey, a cockatoo and a pelican.

The Snake Bite Jones show runs until the 31st of August 2009.


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