Junk Mail’s pet policy on venomous snakes and lizards

Many people are allergic to dogs and/or cats but would still like to own a pet. Most of them consider snakes and lizards. Recently, owning a venomous snake or lizard has become somewhat of a craze. Below we will give you reasons as to why owning a venomous snake or lizard is a very bad idea as part of our Operation Bite Back.

Venomous snakes:

  1. Not all hospitals hold anti-venom, and non for exotic venomous snakes.
  2. A hospital might not be able to assist you should you be bitten by a venomous snake
  3. You will have to be able to provide the snake with all its husbandry needs
  4. Will you be able to handle a venomous snake safely?
  5. Do you have enough experience to deal with unexpected situations?

While most of us believe that accidents only happen to other people, there are a few people that will disagree with you. People bitten by venomous snakes that lived to tell about it are most probably suffering long term effects from the venom. While the snake will cost you about R1 000, the anti-venom, if you can find any, can cost up to R35 000!

Venomous snakes include the following:Gila Monster

Venomous lizards:

Two venomous lizards cannot be advertised on Junk Mail:

  1. Gila monster
  2. Beaded lizards

Not only is the Gila monster considered endangered, both types of lizards will endanger any human that disturbs them. They will latch onto a human arm or leg to sink its teeth in, quickly releasing a dose of extremely potent, neurotoxic venom. The Gila will hold on with great force to, slowly chewing up the flesh, leaving a mangled and venom soaked mess.

Support us in Operation Bite Back by reporting any illegal trading of venomous snakes and lizards to your local SPCA.

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