Solar Panels: The long-term solution to your electricity needs

Thinking of finding solar panels for sale on Junk Mail? Today the team takes on everything from how solar panels work to kits and what a system is made up of.

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels are an innovative invention designed to capture and absorb the sun’s light and convert this light into electricity that we can use as an energy source.

how do solar panels work

How solar panels work actually depends on the type of solar panel being referred to. In simple terms, solar panels work because sunlight has energy within it, and when the light strikes a solar panel, it has the ability to convert the energy into electricity which can be stored and used as power.

There are however other thermal solar panels that utilise the sun’s heat to generate electricity, yet it is often more effective to utilise both to truly harness the full potential.

How do solar power systems work?

Before you decide to make the investment and find solar panels for sale, it is best to understand that the panels are only part of solar power systems. This means that you must purchase other components of the system in order to effectively utilise solar power to satisfy your electricity needs.

The other components of a solar power system includes:

solar panels for sale

Solar Regulators – these regulators can detect when a solar panel battery is fully charged and regulate further charging to prevent the solar batteries from over-charging, saving you from having to pay for a blown-out solar battery. The regulators also prevent batteries from discharging during the night or during periods when there is not enough sunlight to charge the batteries.

Solar Inverter – The inverter converts the power stored in the solar battery into alternating current power that can power your everyday appliances. This is the main component of the system as you cannot utilise the electricity stored in batteries without an inverter converting the electricity to a usable form. As a general rule of thumb, inverters are rated according to the amount of alternating current power they can continuously supply. This inverter price can range from anything from R1,900 to over R10, 000 depending on the size of the solar inverter.

Solar Battery – These are designed to be used in solar power systems and can be recharged hundreds, and sometimes thousands of times. The battery life of a solar battery has been maximised by their design which discharges them over a long period, thus ensuring that the batteries last longer than more conventional car batteries. As a user, there are steps you can take to further maximise the longevity of your solar batteries by, for example, ensuring that the batteries are never discharged beyond 50% of their full capacity.

solar panels

When you are choosing each of the components for your system, it is always wise to keep in mind; how much power you expect to utilise from your system and the system you can afford. These two factors will ultimately determine the number and type of batteries you need, the number of solar panels you need and the size of the power inverter and regulator you will need.

Opting for Solar Panel Kits

If you are not well-versed in solar power systems and you are not comfortable in the idea of buying individual components, you always have the options of simply purchasing solar panel kits.

The advantages of opting for kits is that you won’t have to carry out extensive research to try and find out the specific components and the size of these components.

Solar Panels and Kit Brand in SA

In South Africa there are a number of solar brands that have emerged that have the ability to help you purchase and install your solar power system, depending on your individual needs.

A number of these brands are highly reputable and have a track record of providing South Africans with comprehensive solar systems.

solar power kits

The brand you will settle for will ultimately depend on what you are looking for, your budget and your location. As with all things, each brand brings its own unique selling point. Sustainable offers products such as solar power kits, heating collectors, solar inverters, cookers and solar geysers to name but a few options.

Other brands such as Solar World pride themselves in having a track record of delivering quality and progressive solar power solutions to their customer. Having engaged in large scale projects such as the installation and erection of solar panels for Rooibos Limited in Cederberg and the Vodacom Regional Office in Cape Town. Notable small scale projects include their Durban Grid Connected project in Durban.

using solar power

Other players in the solar power industry in South Africa include Plan My Power in Randburg, Johannesburg, and SA Energy Group, to name but a few.

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Why going solar might be a good idea

So, you have read this entire article showing you how easy it is to go solar, but you are still not convinced that going solar is for you?

Well, with the somewhat recent Eskom tariff hikes and with seemingly endless, ‘scourge’ of load shedding, keep in mind that solar will, in the long run, help you save on your utilities bill and act as a buffer against load shedding.

You will, at the end of the day, have more money in your pockets to spend on more interesting things and you will not have to worry too much about Eskom’s load shedding schedules.

install solar panels

From solar panel kits to solar panels for sale, Junk Mail offers great and affordable solutions. Browse through the deals listed online and find everything from complete kits to solar components with a simple click of a button.

Upgrading your solar power systems? Why not place your free ad on Junk Mail and earn a little extra money to put towards your upgrade?

Solar Panels: The long-term solution to your electricity needs
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Solar Panels: The long-term solution to your electricity needs
Today the Junk Mail team takes on everything from how solar panels work to solar panel kits and what such system is made up of.
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Junk Mail
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  1. mandla says:

    Hi I need a quotation on a set thats going to light up at least six rooms,what I need electrified i.e 6 lights (bulbs) 40 t0 60 wats each,four tv’s 4 radio’s

  2. Eric says:

    Hi. A need a solar kit that a can use for a seven roomed house for lights and tv. Roughly how much will jt cost me.

  3. Mervern Rose says:

    Could you please provide me with a price list on these products. Also does Eskom also give credits on electricity that one has generated from your solar system and feedback to Eskom as its done in Luther countries.

  4. David Rutherford says:

    It is the way to go the future

  5. I’m interested in solar power

  6. Shaun says:

    Hi Mandla

    Best solution here is to reduce your consumption. Case in point, your current configuration is 6 x 60W light bulbs. If you run these lights for four hours a day it would be 6 x 60 x 4hours = 1440Wh.

    Replace these bulbs with LEDs which consume from about 3 – 6 Watts of power i.e. 5Watts x 6 rooms x 4 hours a day only equals 120Wh consumed. That is a 91% saving in electricity costs, and even though you will spend more on the purchasing of these bulbs they will pay for themselves within a very short time.

    Another thing to remember is that where standard incandescent bulbs give you around three thousand hours of use, goood quality LEDs will give you around 20-25000 hours.

    Why am I telling you all this? Less consumption = smaller sized system = less initial spend..

    Shaun – Sustainable Solar

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    Do u still need electricity with a solar heating geyser

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    i would like to get a quote for 9 lights, fridge, tv and stove if possible.

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    Intersting piece of information on solar power and how it works
    Please provide addresses of some reputable suppliers

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