Somalia – Aiding and Growing

It is a sad travesty of life, that human suffering seems endless. One country in particular is Somalia. Battling famine and malnourishment, they appear frail and incoherent. Their families scattered in camps, their clothing barely able to cover their bodies.

South African charity and aid institution; well known “Gift of the Givers” has initiated a food, clothing and anti-malaria programme to Somalia. The institution is helped by both South African Government and of course the Somalia Government to complete the aid programme.

Junk Mail Publishing’s Antwanette Currie has proliferated aid from staff to supply Gift of the Givers with mostly non-perishable food. Using her powers of persuasion and management swarve, she is geared to contributing positively to this plight.

Antwanette is also chair to Junk Mail Publishing’s A.R.K  –Act of Random Kindness; which helps local charities with food relief and clothing. It is something that human nature can never ignore. The images shown by the media alone, has inspired people to want to do more. Animals and humans both suffering on a level that almost seems surreal.

We are proud to part of the plight towards making “humanity” possible, even in small gestures and aiding organisations like Gift of the Givers towards those less fortunate.

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Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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