Some Junk Mail User Testimonials

We have received many compliments for our advertising service and client service from clients. Here are a few recent testimonials and compliments that we’ve received from Junk Mail / Cape Ads users in the last year. This is more proof that Junk Mail works!

“Wow, you guys at Junkmail really do go the extra mile. You deserve to stand proud and I thank you. From an ol’ lady with blue blood in her veins.”

“Thanks for your hard work. I’m on every day looking for bargains, its part of my evening when the wife are watching her soaps. So, three cheers to your guys.”

“Thank you very much to u people.U are great!!!!! I don’t know what I can do without You! My kittens are sold and I am very happy.”

“Hi there, I have just started a small business in the roof sheeting market, and just want to say that the best decision i ever made was advertising online with JUNKMAIL! I get between 10 and 15 calls a day 24-7 and thanks to you guys my business is surviving and it doesn’t cost me a cent.. i’ll never waste thousands of rands again, and this site is connected to GOOGLE so when someone googles my product walla it brings them straight to me! Thank you for making my dream come true!!!”

“The advertisement worked instantly.i Have sold the car in two days!”

“Thank you for a great platform. I sold my Bakkie with in 10 minutes of placing the add on your site.”

“I placed an electronic add on your site this week, called camping stuff. National Luna 40L fridge, National Luna portable power supply and 2 Nishiki bikes. I am pleased to say that the items have now been sold as advertised. The response was overwhelming.Your site is an excellent means to buy and sell goods, I will definitely use it again.”

“Thank you Junk Mail for offering us your most efficient and quick services. My son is doing his intern this year and doesn’t get paid so he decided to sell one of his vending machines to pull him through this year.  And guess what, when he advertised it last week Thursday, the cash was in our account on Friday. My son is now a happy Sound Engineer Intern who can now rely on the money from the sale of the vending machine to pull him through this year. Thank you to god for inventing Junk Mail.”

“Thanks to a great team at Junk Mail, within 5 days of my ad going online, all the puppies were sold. You guys are doing a sterling job, keep it up.”

“I did not get alot of response for my ad because i think its bacause of  where i stay, but i could still sell my item through Junk Mail. Thank you. I will definitely make use of your services again should need be.”

If you’ve received excellent service from our company or any individual working at our company please send your compliments or testimonials to Tanya at

Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Campaign Coordinator at Junk Mail Publishing.

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