Some of the best PC games to play in 2017

Are you wondering which PC games to buy? With so many computer games to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which ones are the best. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top games for PC users to get you started. As you read through the list, you should also take into account your personal preferences, experience level, and the game’s PC requirements. Once you have a better understanding of what you are looking for, find games for sale on Junk Mail.

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Axiom Verge

Axiom Verge is an action game developed by Tom Happ, a man renowned for his contribution to Tiger Woods PGA Tour. This is a platform game with two-dimensional graphics. The action is seen from a side view and the character moves from one side of the screen to the other in order to achieve a goal. Whether you are new to gaming or an experienced gamer, Axiom Verge delivers an outstanding experience.

Batman: Arkham City

Fans of Batman: Arkham Asylum won’t want to miss out on Arkham City. These PC games will get your adrenaline pumping with exhilarating fighting, and the outstanding voice acting contributes to the high level of quality that these games offer. If you are looking for hours of fun, find Batman: Arkham City and Arkham Asylum games for sale.

The Disney Afternoon Collection

If you love Disney, these are the computer games for you. Disney Afternoon first became popular in the 1990s and they are back to keep you entertained. First developed by Capcom 20 years ago, this collection includes some of the most successful games in Nintendo Entertainment. From Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers to TaleSpin, there are six awesome games in this collection to choose from. Their 1060p resolution and new features take your gaming experience to the next level. The great thing about these games compared to the older variations is that you can save your progress whenever you need to and there is also a rewind function now. Take a trip down memory lane by finding these games for sale.

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Far Cry Primal

Developed by Ubisoft, Far Cry Primal features a simplified storyline and plenty of action. The gamer controls Takkar, a hunter who needs to bring his people to safety. It’s set in the Stone Ages in the world of Oros. Beast allies and chaotic fighting are an interesting addition to this variation of the game.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

When it comes to games for PC users, the Rise of the Tomb Raider is an exciting option. This iconic game features Lara Croft, an avid adventurer, and in this variation, she fights to achieve immortality. The incredible set pieces make this game stand out from the masses. Its dynamic combat and complicated puzzles have also contributed to its well-deserved positive reviews.

Game of Thrones

If you enjoy adventure computer games, this one’s for you. Inspired by the HBO show, Game of Thrones is based in the world of Westeros. Developed by Telltale Games, it is set out in an episodic format where the players’ decisions affect future events. The complicated storyline gives depth to the gameplay. The story is centred around the House Forrester, and the player can select between five characters to try and get to safety after the War of Five Kings. If you loved the books and the TV series, you will be pleased to know that the game features settings and characters from the show.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a legendary multiplayer game. Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, the first edition was released in 2004. Since then these PC games have gone from strength to strength, achieving numerous awards. World of Warcraft boasts exceptional visuals as well as a wide range of customisable characters. In this game you control an avatar in a fantasy world where you fight monsters and go on quests. You can explore the landscape and interact with other characters, which makes the game more interesting.

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Now that you know more about the different options that are available, you can start looking for games for sale online. With so much to choose from, it is easy to find the best PC games and join the fun.

Some of the best PC games to play in 2017
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Some of the best PC games to play in 2017
Are you wondering which PC games to buy? With so many computer games to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which ones are the best.
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