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If you keep up-to-date with the latest gadgets in the world then you will have surely heard of the drone. We aren’t talking about the military versions that are armed to the teeth but the drones you can buy for your own use. Drones for sale are incredibly popular, mainly due to the fact that they are so versatile and fun to use. If you are unsure if you should buy a drone, or just want to know more about the next best thing in toys for boys then keep reading.


What is a drone?

A personal drone which is known by many names, a hobby drone, consumer drone, micro-drone and drone helicopters are all unmanned aerial vehicles or UAV’s. They are specifically designed for the consumer market.


UAV’s were first used by the military to conduct surveillance and then were later fitted with weapons. Advancements in technology have allowed drones to become much smaller and easier to pilot and have therefore been introduced to regular people. Recently, the mini drone has been used for all kind of things like search and rescue, firefighting and agriculture. They are also used for fun much like the old quadcopters and remote-controlled planes were used.

How do drones work?

Your typical drone is made of very light weight materials like composites so it can hover for longer and be more maneuverable in the air. They are guided via a remote control and some even have GPS integrated into the design so the drone can navigate on its own.


Drones come in many different shapes and sizes. Some can be launched from your hand just by throwing it into the air and then there are the much larger ones that need a small runway to take off, as there is no need to make room for a pilot. The drone is very compact and is quite stealthy when the right materials are used to dampen the noise it produces.


So why find a drone for sale?

Besides the huge amount of fun you can have by flying a drone, there are a few other reasons, or excuses, to buy one.


If you think selfies or selfie sticks are cool then get ready for the ability to take photos at meters above your head. If you engage in sport or love music festivals then imagine being able to take a snapshot of the event from way above the ground.


The Drone photo, or Dronie as it’s called, has endless possibilities in terms of creative usage. Are you a wedding photographer? How great would it be to take snapshots of the entire event from above? Do you travel a lot? Now you can take pictures of entire landscapes instead of just that mountain that you like. You can even strap a GoPro to the drone and record footage from unobstructed vantage points.


A first person perspective (FPV)

With the help of a camera, you can see everything the drone can. You can see almost anything like tall buildings or statues up close. This can also be used by people like farmers for example to inspect their crops without having to leave the house. This ability has endless uses.

Drone racing

This technology has even spawned a sport called drone racing and its becoming very popular around the world. You get a bunch of drone pilots together and try to beat each other around a track.

Some of these racing drones can reach speeds of up to 200 kilometers as they are maneuvered around obstacles. You have the ability to move and dodge at crazy speeds without putting yourself in any danger what so ever. When your drone hits a tree at 10 meters up in the air, you are perfectly safe.

Which of the drones for sale should I get?

There are so many drones for sale on the market that you might just have a hard time choosing the right one. Here are four of the best:

Parrot PF725100 BeBop Drone

The Parrot bebop mini drone has been made for photography professionals. This model has three axis sensors that stabilize and focus the image so you always have crystal clear images. It has a 1080p video quality with 14 Mega Pixel camera quality. The Bebop drone even comes with an emergency landing feature that will send the drone straight to its controller using GPS.



  • Autopilot function that utilises GPS
  • The controller system uses the sky controller system which uses a Linux-based flight computer for smooth operations and it has first person vision goggle so you cansee exactly what the drone can see
  • 8 GB storage memory
  • Price: R15,499.00

DJI Phantom 2 Vision+

The DJI is a ready-to-fly drone that also uses a three axis system to stabilize the image. It has a 1080 pixel, high definition, recording quality that works with Wi-Fi on an iOS or Android device. This drone has amazing performance and is incredibly smooth due to the Gimbal stabilization system.


This model has a tilt feature on the camera while you fly so you can get unique angles and clear shots where necessary.


  • Powerful propellers mean you can add a lot more accessories than your average drone
  • See what the drone can see on an IOs or Android device
  • You have onscreen height and distance measurement
  • The drone only weighs 5kgs
  • Price: R20,999.00

DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopters

This drone has some really advanced tech. First off you get two controllers with this model. So one person flies and another can control the high tech camera. The camera is unobstructed and sits right in the center of the device. You have a 360 degree view through a 4K video quality camera and a 12 megapixel image quality.

The camera itself has 9 visual elements that all work together to give you the best quality image or recording. For example there is an aspherical element which concentrates on clarity. This model has an Adobe DNG camera which is specifically for flight telemetry and lastly it has automatic take off and auto landing at the push of a button.



  • 360-degree camera angles
  • Modular camera with 720 HD quality
  • Separate controllers for the camera and drone
  • High capacity battery
  • First person viewer is attached to the controller with special image capturing buttons
  • Integrates with your smartphone
  • Price: R59,999.00

Heli-Max 1SQ V-CAM RTF Quadcopters

As far as your biggest bang for your buck goes, the Heli-Max 1SQ is the way to go. It’s much smaller than the other drones on the list but is still packed with all the tech you might need on a drone.

This comes with a transmitter switch so you can save battery when it’s not in use. You have an LED that lights up the motors so you can easily see it in the dark. It uses a specialized FX sensor fusion stabilization unit on a three axis gyro and three accelerometers that correct for drift and swat so the device goes exactly where you want it to.

The micro camera records at 1280 recording quality and 1 Mega pixel image quality. You can also move the camera around the drone so you can see all angles and the lens adjust itself if the drone flips or rotates so your picture doesn’t get affected.


  • Camera is umbilical, rotates as the drone moves
  • Micro camera is of a very high quality
  • Recordings are automatically saved to the 2 GB storage card
  • Very easy to control
  • Already assembled
  • Powerful motors
  • Very durable
  • Price: R3,151.00

There you have it, if you are interested in finding drones for sale then you can find them on Junk Mail. If you happen to have a drone for sale, place a FREE advert on Junk Mail. Alternatively, browse through the other toys for boys items that are for sale on Junk Mail today.


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