Some Useful Tips When Buying a Used Caravan

Many South Africans will be going away to relax this coming holiday season. Recently the Junk Mail team gave you some camping tips for beginners to give those of you that are non-guru campers some useful information ahead of the coming holiday season.

Some of you are probably thinking of buying a caravan to give yourselves the ability to sleep in a little more luxury this coming holiday season. Most of you thinking of doing this probably don’t want to spend a fortune on a new caravan and will probably be looking to buy a second hand caravan instead. The first place you might want to look when searching for your used caravan is in the classifieds in your local newspaper / classifieds websites. Once you find a caravan you are interested in you will want to meet up with the seller.

There are several things you should check out on the caravan itself and there are also some questions you should know to ask the seller about. Today the Junk Mail team brings you some tips when looking to buy a used caravan:

  • Check for moisture buildup: If there is moisture build up in the used caravan it can lead to mold growth and can be a very difficult problem to fix. You can find a meter that will allow for better moisture checking. You need to check the floor, the ceiling, all the seals (internal and external), the cupboards, corners, bed boxes and lockers as well.
  • Check the caravan’s doors and windows: Make sure that the doors open and lock properly. Also check the hinges to make sure that they are not rusty or worn out badly. The main caravan door should have a watertight fit all around. Also make sure that there are no cracks or condensation buildup in any of the windows and check the sealing around the windows as well.
  • Look under the caravan’s chassis and the running gear: Do this to ensure that there is no rust or corrosion or other damage on the carvan. Also check if the hitch is working properly. Make sure that all gears and mechanisms are properly greased and working smoothly on the caravan.
  • Check the electrical components: Having a faulty electrical wire or another electrical issue can be a severe issue with it comes to a used caravan. Many owners sell their caravans because they simply don’t know how to fix the problem. Make sure that all the electrical components work on the caravan before you buy it.
  • Check all accessories and other important parts: If the caravan has a battery, check it and make sure its working. Also check the door locks, window operation, pedals, hitch locks, TV equipment, battery chargers, electrical hookups, etc.
  • Check the Caravan’s Service History and License: The caravan’s owner should show you the caravan’s service history and papers. Check them both and made sure they are valid. Also make sure you know how old the caravan is, sometimes its difficult to determine what year model it is.
  • The questions you need answered prior to buying the caravan are very important: You need to be thorough and make sure you don’t rush into a major purchase without first inspecting the whole thing as well as getting the history of it.

The Junk Mail team hopes that you find these tips useful. If you have, please share this post with your friends on Facebook. If you have another tip you can add to this list, please comment on this post. Feeback is appreciated and welcome.

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5 Responses

  1. ronel says:

    tks for the tips on used caravans

  2. Les says:

    Am buying a 1992 Palma caravan with shower and toilet among others for R58K including road worthy coast. Was not on the road for 2 previous years. Seller promised to fix everything that needs fixing. Is this the right thing to do?

  3. René Hutson says:

    I am looking around for our first caravan. I realised that I have no clue what to look at and after reading the tips feel very nervous about it. We are going the classified cheaper route . Are there professionals who are available to help you with checking out the caravan you’re interested in? Where do I find someone to help me?

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