South African iTunes Store Launched

Apple launched the iTunes media player in 2001 and the iTunes store in 2003. As of February 2012 the iTunes Store is the most popular music vendor globally. Since 2003 the store has already sold more than 16 billion songs to consumers. Fact is, South Africans have been waiting for a South African iTunes store for a long time.

The great news is that Apple announced yesterday that South Africa is on the list of 50 new countries that would be able to use their own iTunes store. This is awesome news for South African music lovers!  It will be interesting to see how many South Africans will begin to buy and download songs legally via this service in the coming months.

The South African iTunes store gives users a choice of more than 20 million songs that to buy. Local artists like Karen Zoid, Van Coke Kartel and others have already been making their albums available to download on the iTunes over the last few years. The iTunes store is a cheap and efficient way to buy and download music, that’s why so many artists have been embracing it over the last few years.

Apple also announced that there would be a selection of movies and games to download on the 50 new iTunes stores. Unfortunately this is not available on the South African iTunes store yet, but it might become available in the future.

You can access the iTunes Store if you have Apple iTunes installed on your computer, laptop, Apple iPad or Apple iPhone. You can download the PC version of Itunes here.

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