South African Library Week 15 – 22 March 2014

south african library weekThe theme for the 2014 South African Library Week from 15 – 22 March 2014 is ‘Celebrating libraries in 20 years of democracy: check in @ your library’.

This theme ties in well with the South African Democracy celebrating its 20th Year. This will help focus attention on:

  • The role of libraries in strengthening the South African Democracy
  • How libraries are assisting in making the right to information a reality
  • Enhancing nation-building and community development by opening the
    doors to all

The theme also incorporates our constant use of social media by requesting library visitors to ‘check in @ your library’. Libraries use social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Foursquare to spread marketing messages and any other information. The younger generations will get to see how far reaching the effects of libraries are and how they still fit into a digital world.

In addition, the ‘Librarians’ Choice of Top 20 South African Books’ will also be launched during the South African Libraries Week. The nominations were open to all genres, all types of literature from fiction to non-fiction, adult and even children’s books. It must be written by a South African author in one of our official languages and must be published for the first time between 1994 and 2014. Library workers from across South Africa were asked to identify the top 20 books focussing on South African life, that focus on issues of democracy and that looks at where we are headed as a nation. This list will be available to all visitors who ‘check in’ at their library!

Which book/s do you think has contributed the most to the building of this beautiful nation in the past 20 years?

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