South Africa’s On Demand Options – Netflix and ShowMax

Get your popcorn ready and settle down for a night in with all your favourite online movies and shows. With Netflix and Showmax services available in South Africa you can watch all the best comedy, drama and thrillers to your heart’s content. Video on Demand services allow you to watch what you want, when you want and how you want. With no advertisements, your viewing experience will be uninterrupted. Take a look at our guide to these two online streaming services to get started. You can also find out what equipment you will need to make the most of these exciting services. Find a smart TV for sale on Junk Mail or place your free ad.



Netflix South Africa has officially launched its on-demand internet streaming media allowing local movie fanatics to access their favourite films earlier than was originally expected.

While South Africans would once be confronted with an error screen when trying to access Netflix, now they have access to this exciting service. Netflix Inc. was launched in 130 countries earlier this month including Saudi Arabia and Russia. Their services are now available to almost everyone in the world except China.


After the company showed unsatisfactory growth in the United States they decided to expand in order to reach a wider audience. Netflix South Africa offers a month’s free trial after which there is a monthly subscription fee which starts at approximately R 127. Now you can enjoy your favourite Netflix TV shows along with other productions that include series such as Suits and Dexter.


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Netflix was previously available in 60 countries and the company’s goal is to offer their services in 200 countries before the end of the year. Although they are expanding quickly, there is still some content which is not available to all users.

So how does Netflix work?

Starting off you can get a free month’s subscription and enjoy your favourite shows on your computer or TV using Netflix enabled devices such as PS3. Tablets, phones and home theatre systems that offer the Netflix app can also be used. If you enjoy the service, you can continue watching and you will be billed for the service once a month. If you change your mind and want to unsubscribe, all you need to do is cancel online.


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With no advertisements you won’t miss out on a second of action and you can also pause and rewind or fast forward whatever is on your screen. There are also numerous movies that are offered in HD. The different membership plans offer a range of user options which allow you to stream videos on more than one device. If you find a TV for sale you can play your videos on a larger screen while using other devices for a portable option. If you want to use Netflix download the entertainment app for your phone.


ShowMax is another Video on Demand service which offers you both specialised content as well as internationally renowned shows. If you are looking for ease of access to all your favourite programs, then ShowMax South Africa is a great choice.

You can watch videos and a broad range of devices which includes smart TV’s and tablets. When it comes to ShowMax movies Anime, Comedy and Documentaries are just some of the genres you can choose from. Romance fans and lifestyle enthusiasts will also find plenty of options.


Local productions, such as ‘Net ‘n bietjie’ and ‘Wielie Walie’, are also available once you subscribe. If international movies are more your thing, you can watch Kingdom or Step Up. Children can stay entertained for hours with videos such as Madagascar and Curious George. If you want to use ShowMax, sign up online for this internet-based subscription service.

In order to make use of online streaming services you will need specific equipment such as smart TV’s, Android phones, tablets and laptops as well as an internet connection. The device that you use is a personal choice and you can pick an option that best suits your needs.


If you want to purchase equipment, save money by browsing Junk Mail for second hand computers, PS3 and Android phones. You can also find a TV for sale that allows you to connect to the internet directly or allows for the ‘plug-in’ of a laptop using the television itself as a ‘screen’. With devices sold at affordable rates you can get everything that you need to be able to use on-demand video streaming services. Selling your TV and other smart devices? Place your FREE AD on

South Africa’s On Demand Options - Netflix and ShowMax
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South Africa’s On Demand Options - Netflix and ShowMax
With Netflix and Showmax services available in South Africa you can watch all the best comedy, drama and thrillers to your heart’s content. 
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    I purchased a Apple TV because the promise was that at the end of 2015 it can work on Showmax. I am a pensioner and can not buy a Smart Tv too. What is the holdup. Is there any indication if the Apple TV will work or not. I will have to make other plans then.

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