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Rubik's Cube‘Speedcubing (also known as speedsolving) is the activity of solving a Rubik’s Cube or related puzzle as quickly as possible.’

The Rubik’s Cube was invented in 1974 by Hungarian professor of architecture, Ernő Rubik. The cube’s popularity grew around 1980, after which a world championship was held for the first time in 1982 in Budapest, Hungary.

After 1983 the craze began to die down. However, with the start of the internet, speedcubing sites began to surface. Sites relating to the cube began to introduce new comers to the cube and how to solve it as well as teaching people effective speedsolving methods. The new generation of cubers turned it into an art form yet again and 20 years after the first World Championship, the 2002 Dutch Open competition was the first in a new wave of organized speedcubing events. There have been five more World Championships since Budapest’s 1982 competition, which are traditionally held every other year. The first held in Toronto, Ontario, in 2003.

If speedcubing tickles your fancy or you would like to learn how to speedcube, do not miss the largest Official International Speedcube competition ever held in South Africa. There will be competitors from South Africa, Italy, Australia, Netherlands, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, USA, China and Israel, not to mention Zimbabwe and Zambia where national records will be set. There will also be 2 world record holders, Mats Valk and Feliks Zemdegs competing at the event.

Join the festivities at the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre on 23 November 2014. You can enter various different categories. Entrance is R55 at the door or R45 online. For more info, click here!

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