Spoil the Kids with an awesome Jungle Gym

Not only does a Jungle Gym contribute to the healthy lifestyle of your children, but it also provides them with hours of fun. With their own Jungle Gym your child can slide, climb and swing to their heart’s content. If you haven’t made up your mind on whether to find a Jungle Gym for sale or not, here is additional information to help you decide.


The Benefits of Jungle Gyms

When it comes to playground equipment there are a wide range of benefits to owning a Jungle Gym. Playing on these climbing structures help children to develop their large muscles groups. They learn what their bodies are capable of and develop better coordination.

As children learn more about their bodies and become stronger, it helps to build up their confidence. Self-confidence plays an important role in a person’s personal, relationship and academic success.

Jungle Gyms are an opportunity for children to engage in developmental play and use their imaginations. Their Jungle Gym can be part of a fairy tale or a pirate adventure in their imaginary world. Playground equipment therefore also plays a part in developing your children’s creativity.

It also teaches children to share as they have to take turns on the slide and swing. Turn taking is an important social skills that children need to learn from an early age. When you spend time outside playing with your children, it is a great opportunity to bond with them.

Jungle Gym

Spending quality time with your children is important as it helps them to feel loved and cared for. Strong family bonds support children when they go out into the world, ensuring that they are better able to overcome challenges.

Jungle Gyms are a great form of exercise for children. Exercise plays a vital role in keeping your children healthy and happy. Jungle Gyms cater to a range of age groups as you can get specially designed Jungle Gyms that are age appropriate.

A smaller Jungle Gym for sale is perfect for younger children. Modern Jungle Gyms are designed with your child’s safety in mind, but it is still important to teach your child how to play safely. You should always supervise your children while they play on these outdoor structures.

Jungle gyms help your children to overcome their fears and fosters your children’s adventurous spirits. If maintained properly, quality Jungle Gyms have a long lifespan.


History and Types of Jungle Gyms

The first Jungle Gym was designed by Sebastian Hinton in 1920. He drew inspiration from his father’s idea for children to learn three dimensional mathematical principles through play on a climbing structure.

He made the first structure out of steel, however wooden Jungle Gyms and plastic Jungle Gyms are now common. The advantage of steel Jungle Gyms is that they offer a good grip size for children to climb. They are also more portable than wooden Jungle Gyms.


Plastic Jungle Gyms have the advantage of not becoming too hot or cold in different weather conditions. Plastic does not rust and it also absorbs impact better than other variations.

The type of Jungle Gym that you choose will depend on the needs of your children as well as your personal preferences. Jungle Gyms that are for the use of kindergartens and schools need to be designed to cater to groups of children.


With so many advantages to finding a Jungle Gym for sale it is easy to see why parents across South Africa are choosing to set up these outdoor structures at their homes. Has your child outgrown his or her playground equipment? Place your Free Ad on www.JunkMail.co.za and Sell Fast!

Spoil the Kids with an awesome Jungle Gym
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Spoil the Kids with an awesome Jungle Gym
Not only does a Jungle Gym contribute to the healthy lifestyle of your children, but it also provides them with hours of fun.
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