Spring Clean The Eco-friendly Way

Spring is afoot and is it not about time you start emptying your spare rooms, drawers, garages and store rooms of ALL your unused and unwanted goods? A spring clean could be therapeutic and to be honest if you have been keeping something for longer than 5 years and still have not used it, then the chances are you are probably not going to use it again!

Scary stats indicate that the average South African household is still far off the potential recycling mark of 15-18 kilograms of waste per month (that’s a whopping 180 – 216 kilograms per year lying around your house right now).

If you still have goods which work and are in a relatively good condition you could always place a FREE ad and make some extra bucks using the Junk Mail website. For those of you who have electrical goods that no longer work we good news for you too!

This weekend we encourage you to place all your unwanted electrical goods in packs and bring these items down to Brightwater Commons, where Remade Recycling, have committed their weekend to helping Jo’burgers clean up their recycling act at the Spring Drive Initiative that starts at 1 September and runs to 4 September.The Spring Drive drop-off point will be situated at Entrance 2 off Republic Road in Randburg and will be open between 8 AM – 5 PM. Efficient and friendly Remade staff will be on hand to assist recyclers transport the material from their cars to the collection point.

The purpose of the Spring Drive Initiative at Brightwater Commons is to encourage a culture of caring for the environment among the community, while providing a user-friendly and safe means to recycle e-waste products.

Brightwater Commons believes than an eco-friendly policy is a necessity to sustain the environment for future generations. This initiativemakes it easier for the community to incorporate recycling into their daily lives thanks to the recycle bins that are present all around the Brightwater Commons Shopping Centre.

All citizens are asked to please recycle all plastic, glass, paper, tins and cans year-round in the bins provided at the Cross Street and Republic Road drop-off points. In case you do get lost there is always staff available to assist you during this quick and easy recycling drop-off. For more info contact Brightwater Commons on 011 7895052 or visit http://www.brightwatercommons.co.za.

So why not go green this spring and make a small difference to rid our planet of e-waste? Every little contribution helps to make a recycling revolution in your own neighbor or house.

Ready, steady, pack your claptrap!

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