Stunning bathroom tiling ideas and designs

Looking for some inspiration to give your bathroom a stunning new look? You’re in luck! Today we tackle bathroom tiles, highlight some gorgeous ideas to help you kick your renovations into gear. Once you know exactly what you want and the look you want to create, you can find some awesome deals on tiles for sale on Junk Mail.

Types of tiles for the bathroom

Before we jump into bathroom tiles design, we wanted to give some info on the different types of tiles you have to choose from. There are a decent amount of floor and wall tiles you can choose from for your bathroom, so your choices are most definitely not limited. To help you get started, here are a couple of popular options:

bathroom tiles

Ceramic Tiles: Offering dozens of different colours, designs, sizes and shapes, the material used to make ceramic tiles are produced by using clay and different heating and cooling techniques. Ceramic tiles then also come in different finishes (like matt and shiny). Opting for ceramic, you can expect starting prices of around R 70 per square metre. Because ceramic tiles come is so many shapes and sizes, and can be used as wall and floor tiles, they are great for use in a range of bathroom ideas.

Polished and Glazed Porcelain: Like ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles come in different shapes, designs, sizes and colours. Some of these porcelain tiles even boast high resolution images infused onto the tile’s surface. Making for beautiful bathroom tiles, the porcelain tiles price is little on the expensive side. Polished porcelain has a starting price of around R 160 per square metre while glazed porcelain starts at around R 130 per square metre at retailers like CTM.

Patterned tiles: These types of tiles feature a pattern and can be used to tile your entire bathroom floor. One of the great options these tiles offer is that it allows you to get creative with your bathroom tile designs, enabling you to create a single focus point, matching the colour of these tiles with non-patterned tiles for the rest of your bathroom.

tiles for sale with a matt finish

Matt finished tiles: These tiles for sale are great for the bathroom especially if you are going for a rustic or more traditional look. Great to use as floor tiles, matt tiles can also be combined with natural materials such as stone. Popular matt finished tiles include both porcelain and ceramic tiles. Opting for ceramic, you can expect a starting price of around R 70 per square metre. Opting for porcelain, you can expect starting prices of around R 130 per square metre.

A shiny finish: If matt isn’t your thing and you want to add a touch of shine to your bathroom, this is the finish you should opt for. Great for small bathrooms because it reflects light beautifully, these tiles are slippery and are better used as wall tiles. Again, these shiny finished tiles come in ceramic and porcelain, with ceramic prices starting at around R 70 per square metre and the porcelain tiles price starting at around R 160 per square metre.

Woodlook bathroom tiles: These types of tiles are becoming more and more popular and it is easy to see why. Beautiful and available in matt and shiny finishes, woodlook tiles work great in bathrooms. Offering a stunning way to bring your bathroom tiling ideas to life, woodlook tiles are commonly ceramic tiles. Opting for these, you can expect a starting price of around R 90 per square metre.

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Remember that the bathroom tiles mentioned are just some of the more common wall and floor tile types. Granite, marble, textured tiles and limestone options are also available. When it comes to the tiles price, it is important to keep in mind that it will fluctuate depending on the type of tiles you choose, the finish you choose, the size of the tiles as well as the design.

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Bathroom Tile Design Ideas

Now it’s time for some fun. There are tons of stunning bathroom tiles design ideas out there and, if you are planning on giving your bathroom a fresh, new look, these ideas will set you on the right path.

Don’t be afraid to make use of different tiles in the bathroom to create a stunning look. Play around with designs and patterns to create a look that is uniquely you and beautiful.

bathroom design idea

Another great option you have is to use tiles to highlight different features in your bathroom. Keep your floor and wall tiles plain and use a different colour to draw attention to your basins.

bathroom wall tiles

If you love patterned tiles, be careful to not overdo it. Use your chosen pattern on the floor and, matching the colour, use a plain tile on the walls.

patterned bathroom floor tiles

Looking for something a bit more unique when it comes to bathroom tiling ideas? Why not use tiles to create a feature wall? Using plain tiles on the walls and floor, you can single out a wall and create something truly unique.

patterned bathroom wall tiles

You don’t have to play it safe when it comes to tiling your bathroom. Creating a specific look is easy once you’ve matched the tiles you like with the space you have. Using plain floor tiles, you can create a ‘border’ on the wall, adding a unique look.

wall tile ideas for the bathroom

Tiling your bathroom from top to bottom can sometimes be overwhelming and create a ‘stuffy’ feeling. Ideal bathroom ideas here include using a lighter tile and incorporating a border to create a ‘break’. This can result in a bathroom that looks modern, simplistic and stunning.

wall tiles with a border

Keep in mind that it is not absolutely necessary to tile both the floor as well as your bathroom walls. Using floor tiles and using a suitable paint on the walls also work wonders in a bathroom. This can allow you to go for a darker tile without creating a bathroom that is too dark and stuffy.

tiles on the bathroom floor

Don’t be afraid to incorporate your patterned tiles on the walls as well. Using a patterned tile in the shower and letting it flow onto the floor can create a fun look. It is important here to keep the rest of your bathroom tiles simple.

bathroom floor and wall tiles

If patterned tiles aren’t your thing, but you desperately want to create something that stands out, you can make use of different tile sizes, shapes and colours to create a unique pattern that is soft, simplistic and easy.

bathroom ideas with tiles

Woodlook tiles are a good choice if you want to bring your rustic bathroom tiles design to life. Creating that all-rustic wooden look in the bathroom without the needed maintenance of actual wood, you can transform your dull bathroom into a tranquil space that is just plain beautiful. You can even up your game by incorporating textured tiles that look like stone into your design.

woodlook tiles for the bathroom

Shabby chic is a popular option nowadays and, if it is done right, you can create a bathroom that looks and feels natural. By making use of different tiles, natural colours and more ‘stone like’ bathroom features, you are well on your way to creating a shabby chic wonderland.

tiles for sale to create a shabby chic look

Incorporating mosaic into your bathroom tiling ideas can also result in something beautiful. It is important to note that too much mosaic features can make your bathroom feel cluttered, so these types of bathroom ideas will need planning and a more skilled tiler.

mosaic wall tiles

Mosaic features, patterns and designs are also available, making the incorporation of these bathroom design and tiling ideas a little easier.

Ready to start renovating your bathroom? Find great deals on tiles for sale on Junk Mail. With a wide selection of bathroom tiles and different types of tiles to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect tiles for your new bathroom.

Stunning bathroom tiling ideas and designs
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Stunning bathroom tiling ideas and designs
Today Junk Mail takes a look at bathroom tiling ideas, highlight some gorgeous ideas to help you kick your renovations into gear.
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