Stunning, bright and beautiful Christmas decorations

Christmas is just about here and, if you are anything like me, your Christmas Decorations, trees and home decor ideas are on top of your to-do list this time of the year. Today, the Junk Mail team wanted to take a look at the awesome ideas out there and highlight some stunning, bright and beautiful Christmas ideas that will help you create an unforgettable festive season. From Christmas Table decorations to Christmas decor ideas, you will find it in this post.


Christmas Trees and Decorations to bring some Christmas cheer

It is no secret that there are truly some amazing Christmas trees out there and, with the even more fabulous creatives moving the earth among us, we wanted to highlight some stunning ideas that will really make your tree stand out from the rest.


A touch of rustic style

If you are into the more rustic designs, this design is most definitely for you. First, you will need to find a centre piece – opting for a sturdy pole and attaching a strong foot piece should do the trick. Next you will need planks. Cut them in different lengths to represent the different levels of the tree. Making holes at the ends – to enable you to ‘string’ them over the pole – start with the longer planks first, moving all the way to the top with your shorter planks. Find Christmas decorations that will match the design and voila – a unique tree everyone will love.


You can even add a touch of colour to this tree by painting the ornaments or even the planks themselves.

A tree for small floor spaces

Making use of branches – cleaning them and removing the bark – cut them to size so that you can be able to form a ‘pyramid’ design. The first option is to separately attach the branches to the wall, spacing them just right. The second option for creating this look is using line (fishing line will work well) and attach the branches to each other, once this is done, you can hang it against the wall.

After your tree is up, use fairy lights and Christmas tree decorations to make your tree sparkle. Why is this such an awesome idea? Well, it is a great space saver and thus a stunning option for those of us who live in smaller homes.


Add new life to old pipes

Your first step in creating this stunning tree is to find old pieces of PVC pipe (different sizes) and a large, sturdy canvas. On the canvas, outline a large triangle – this will be the shape of your tree. Next, cut the PVC pipe – make sure that they are more or less the same breath so that one circle doesn’t stick over the other. Attach the circles to the canvas using an adhesive.

Once everything is dried, put the canvas up and place different Christmas decorations in the larger circles to add a splash of Christmas cheer.


A truly simple Christmas tree idea

If you are limited on supplies or if you are not really into sparkly decorations, you can invest in some fairy lights for sale and create a simple design that is truly stylish. Use your fairy lights to create a Christmas tree pattern on the wall. Switch on the lights and you have a beautifully lit tree that is great if you have limited floor space.

fairy light christmas trees

Christmas Table Decorations that look good enough to eat

We all love the huge family gatherings over Christmas – the food, the aunts, the uncles and the beautiful Christmas table decorations.

Simple Ideas with Fairy Lights

All you need for this Christmas decoration are battery operated fairy lights and glass jars. Attaching the battery pack to the inside of the lid, simply place the fairy lights inside the jar and voila – beautiful centre pieces that create a soft light.


Add a string of sparkle lights to your table to add a touch of glowing warmth.


PS: If you love fairy lights as much as we do, read our post titled Home Décor Ideas – Amazing Lighting Ideas with Fairy Lights. We promise you will love every second…

Remember that Junk Mail has a wide selection of LED lights for sale online, so why not find all your needed lighting as fast and easy as possible.

Spruce up your serviettes

No Christmas table decorations would be complete without going all out and adding beautiful serviettes. By buying some twine and adding a little bit of nature, you can create beautiful and simplistic decorations like this.


Simple to make, your guests are sure to love them as much as we do.

If you are looking for something a little more colourful, why not opt for this idea instead. Simply use a white serviette, some scrap material and twine. Wrap a piece of material around the serviette, securing it in place with your twine. Before making a bow, string Christmas decorations (like a start or other ornaments) into place. You can even use candy canes.


Beautiful centre pieces

No table is complete without a centre piece. A beautiful (and easy) idea is to find small Christmas trees for sale. Simply wrap a piece of hessian around the bottom and secure it in place with a piece of twine.


Because it is Christmas, why not make gifts your centre piece. Wrapping different size boxes (keep them smallish though) and going all out in terms of paper and bows, will make for simple and inexpensive centre pieces that fit. This will also allow you to play around with different colours, so have some creative fun!


A super easy table decoration hack is to fill wine glasses with ornaments and placing them upside down in the centre of the table. You can use different colours or stick with traditional gold and silver.


If you own a cupcake stand, you are set in terms of Christmas table decorations. Using simple Christmas tree decorations, carefully organise ornaments of all shapes, sizes and colours.


Christmas Decor Ideas to make your home jolly

Christmas is a time filled with love and colour and because of this, we wanted to highlight some stunning ideas to breathe a bit of cosy love into your home. Check out these awesome Christmas decor ideas we are sure you will absolutely love:

Some simplistic Christmas decorations that double as art

Add a touch of Christmas cheer to your walls by painting small canvasses in a bright red (or green colour) and using green (or red) ribbons to create a ‘gift’ look.


Image via Midwest Living

Don’t forget about the windows. While most of us do not go all out with the Christmas lights around the house like we see in the movies, it doesn’t mean that you can’t go out and find lights for sale to spruce up a window or two. Some great options include beautifully shaped Christmas LED lights. A great source for these types of decorations is CPS Warehouse.


Curtain lights also work beautifully in front of windows.


LED Strip Lights can also add some lighting fun to your home. Wrap it around the trees or use it to write words of joy and love on the walls.


Original gift paper that doubles as decorations

There is no question that there are tons of beautiful holiday themed wrapping paper to choose from, but making your own cannot only save you some money, but also add to your Christmas home decor. Some of the great ideas out there includes using black paper and simply writing and drawing on it with a white pen.


Another great idea to add a decorative touch to your Christmas decorations is by using plain brown paper and adding a splash of colour by using red (or even gold, green or white) ribbons.


You can even go all out rustic with this idea by adding white dots to your brown paper and using black twine and white cards.


Make your own Advent Calendar

Using a muffin tin and some magnet sheets of various colours and patterns, cut out circles big enough to fit over the ‘muffin holes’. Cut out smaller circles on which you can write numbers and voila – you have an advent calendar. Hang it up where everyone can see it and make it fun for the kids by hiding small toys inside (instead of candy). If you have more than one child, make it an arts and crafts project and help each child make his or her own.


Image via Midwest Living

Remember to hang them up when you are done – it will add a homey touch to your Christmas decor

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We hope that these awesome ideas and great tips will turn this festive season into an unforgettable gathering with loved ones. Whether you are looking for Christmas decorations or Christmas Trees you can use for years to come, is the place to browse, compare and shop. Selling your Christmas tree decorations and other accessories? Place your Free Ad on Junk Mail and Sell Fast!

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