Style your eyes this summer with awesome Ray Ban sunglasses

When it comes to finding sunglasses for sale, shoppers are spoilt for choice. A popular option is Ray Ban Sunglasses and this brand has a long history of supplying fashionable eyewear. Since the brand’s first sunglasses were produced, Ray Ban frames have been spotted in Hollywood movies. Their current range includes the Ray Ban Wayfarer and Aviators. If you want extra protection from the sun, Polaroid sunglasses are a good option.


A quick look at the History of Ray Ban Sunglasses

Ray Ban Aviators were first manufactured in the 1930s when pilots were complaining about the glare from the sun. To solve this issue a US Army Air Corps Lieutenant sent a request for assistance to Bausch & Lomb. The medical equipment manufacturer developed a prototype for sunglasses in 1936 which aimed to reduce the glare which was causing medical issues for pilots. The initial models had a plastic frame which were later changed to a metal frame under the name Ray Ban Aviator. Later these sunglasses were used in the sporting industries. Gradient lenses were introduced in the 1940s.

The Ray Ban Wayfarer was first released in 1952. These glasses featured plastic frames and they rose to popularity when famous celebrities such as James Dean were filmed wearing them. Later the G-15 and grey lenses were incorporated into the Wayfarer design.


The Ray Ban Balorama was first released in 1968 and they became associated with Harry Callahan. Ray Bans also featured in the Blues Brothers and Risky Business films. In 1999 the company was sold to Luxottica. Their cutting-edge and stylish sunglasses include the Aviator Flip Out. These glasses have an arista metal frame with a grey/green or gradient brown lens. A highlight of these sunglasses is their APX lenses.


Another fashionable option are the Ultra Aviator sunglasses which have a gold metal frame. These sunglasses have mirror lens technology. With black metal frames and poly gradient grey lens technology, the Wayfarer Liteforce glasses are popular. You could also opt for the Ray Ban Clubmaster Lightray which has a blasted gold frame with poly green lenses.


Choosing the right sunglasses

The obvious advantage of finding a quality pair of sunglasses for sale is that they offer eye protection. If you want to practice good eye care, it is important to buy quality glasses. While sunglasses have a practical function they can also enhance your appearance. Even if you are wearing casual clothes, sunglasses can add a touch of elegance to your outfit.


Picking sunglasses that are the perfect match for you can be difficult. With a wide range of styles, shapes and brands it can be challenging to make a decision on which pair to buy. You will also need to take the size of the sunglasses into account. When you are choosing sunglasses you will need to consider your face shape. The glasses that you choose should counter your face shape. If you are buying expensive glasses it is better to buy a classic design as they are a better investment. If you have a square face, rounded or aviator frames are best. Rectangular frames are suitable if you have a round face. Rectangular frames also compliment a triangular face.

Some of the most expensive sunglasses in the world

Take a look at some of the world’s most expensive sunglasses. Their exorbitant prices are influenced by the brand name, craftsmanship and the materials used. While sunglasses serve a functional purpose to offer protection from the sun, luxury glasses have become a status symbol.


Sunglasses are used as a fashion accessory as well as a symbol of wealth. The sunglasses with the highest price tags are made from gold and platinum. Their design is often accentuated with diamonds. Designed by top fashion brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, these glasses exhibit quality craftsmanship. Although they may be out of your budget, they can offer you inspiration for when you are choosing your own pair of sunglasses for sale.


Lugano diamonds sunshades are a collaboration between renowned designer Barton Perreira and the international jewellery firm. These gorgeous sunglasses are available with different frames and carries a price tag of $ 27 000 (around R385 000). One option is a gold frame with 2.85 carat pink diamonds as well as pink shades. Buyers could also opt for leopard print sunglasses which feature 3.59 carats of black diamonds.


Bvlgari Parentesi diamond sunglasses (with a price tag of $31 000 or around R 442 000) feature 206 diamonds. The 2.5 carats of diamonds enhance the stunning frame of these glasses. Only ten pairs were created which increases their exclusivity.


Bentley Platinum Sunglasses ($ 45 276 or around R 644 000) are expertly crafted from platinum. These limited edition sunglasses were released by Bentley Motors Limited with their luxurious Lausanne cars. Featuring 18 carat white gold, blue sapphires and diamonds Bulgari Flora Sunglasses ($ 59 000 or around R 841 000) are the epitome of luxury. In honour of one of their vehicles, the Maybach car brand released the Diplomat I glasses ($ 60 000 or around R 855 000). The 18 carat gold frames are complemented by 174 diamonds.


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