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Mandela Day has long gone, and with it our reminder to keep on giving back to the community.

Giving back does not necessarily mean sending a cheque every month. For most charities, a cheque will go a long way, but spending your time there is just as valuable to them. Sometimes the things you take for granted and consider too old for use will be grabbed readily by these charities. One man’s junk is another’s treasure!

Here are some charities and the help they could do with:Give Back


Moeggesukkel is based in Raslouw Centurion and operates on the premise of a halfway house for those who have lost everything due to unforeseen circumstances and those who are trying to beat the disease of addiction. This service to society is completely free.

They are always in need of cash donations, but are in need of the following items as well:

  • Clothing
  • Sport Equipment
  • Furniture
  • Beds
  • Cutlery

Cash donations can be paid into the following banking details:

FNB, The Reds

Acc # 62339143753

Branch Code: 261550

You can contact them on 073 329 5174 or send an e-mail to

Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre

Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre is a right-to-life animal shelter that rescues, rehabilitates and rehome abused, neglected and abandoned animals.

Wet Nose is in need of quite a few things, why not take a look and see if you can help them out?

  • Dog Food (Dry, Wet, Puppy & Adult)
  • Cat Food (Dry, Wet, Kitten & Adult)
  • Washing Powder
  • Blankets
  • Hose Pipes & Hose pipe fittings
  • Gardening brooms (cleaning of kennels)
  • Toys and balls (Cats & Dogs)
  • Scratch poles for cats
  • Gum boots (Size 8 – 11)
  • Overalls (Pants & Jackets Size 32 – 46)
  • Deworming products
  • Fly repellents
  • Fly Bait & Fly Bait bags (i.e. Red Top)
  • Tick/Flea Products
  • Leads
  • Choke Chains
  • Locks
  • Permanent Black Markers (Artline 70)
  • Rope (not nylon)
  • Horse Equipment
  • Horse feeding Buckets
  • Snake container (large plastic bucket with a lid)
  • Water Buckets/Drums (25lt)
  • Tools (pliers, hammers, side cutters, screwdrivers)
  • Lockable storage container to keep equipment in back of vehicle
  • Printing paper
  • Stationary
  • Ink Cartridges
  • Laminating Pouches
  • Maintenance
  • IBR Roof Sheeting
  • Cement
  • Volunteers

You can contact them on 013-9323941/2 or e-mail

Jakaranda and Louis Botha Childrens’ Homes

The Jakaranda and Louis Botha Children’s Homes are 2 non-profit organizations that look after the welfare of abused children. These children are removed from their parents and placed in the homes’ care by the South African Children’s Court due to: abandonment, neglect, emotional and physical abuse. Their primary purpose is to provide the children with clothing, housing, schooling, food, security and stability.

They are urgently in need of the following items:

  • Financial donation
  • Become a Volunteer
  • Become a Guest / Holiday Parent
  • Organise a golf day and make us your beneficiary
  • Organise a fundraiser and make us your beneficiary
  • Adopt a Home by donating towards that specific house (Products or financial assistance)
  • Make us a beneficiary in your last will and testament
  • Help us to provide STEEL FRAME BEDS to our children
  • Help our house by donating furniture

You can contact these Homes at the following contact details:

Jacaranda Children’s Home

Phone 012 – 800 4700 or e-mail

Louis Botha Children’s Home

Phone 012 – 333 6184 or e-mail

Support a charity! You can also donate your not-needed items by placing a Free Junk Mail advert as a Give-Away here!

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