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Everyday hundreds of animals are neglected, abused and abandoned. Wet Nose Animal Rescue Centre is a ‘Right to Life‘ Shelter that rescues, rehabilitates and finds loving homes for these animals. They are, as many other Animal Shelters a Non-Profit Organization and don’t receive any Government or Municipal funding.

Wet Nose has to raise over R200 000 every month in order to cover their overheads. It’s not just for basic feeding of the animals, but also for sterilization, vaccines, microchips and so many other medical treatment a lot of these animals need. Constant maintenance on the kennels and property is needed as well as electricity and petrol expenditures to fetch abandoned animals.

People tend to think “Charity” means there are no business overheads- Wet Nose is the same as any other company, they just don’t make any profit and rely solely on donations, be it kennels, food or cash donations.

Wet Nose has arranged many fun days to up chances for donations and fundraising; one of their biggest being the “Homeless Animals Day”! For the first time, Wet Nose is inviting you to bring your own – well behaved doggy for a day of pampering.

Homeless Animal Day is all about spoiling the shelter dogs and providing them with as much love as possible!

There’s a fun walk of 2.4 and 4.8km to do with a homeless doggy or your own (no puppies less than 6 months please). Other fun things include a Doggy competition, Doggy show, Live Entertainment and a Flea Market with Food stalls. A big screen TV will be available along with Beer Tents for the Rugby.

They are still in need of some help for the day so any volunteers are welcome and will be much appreciated!

All the proceeds will go towards Wet Nose’s New Animal Hospital and to further take good care of all the animals they house.

There is always a need for kennels as well as food and with the plans approved for the Animal Hospital they are going to need bricks, cement, roof tiles, more bricks and everything else that goes with a building project!

They are doing such a great deed and need ALL the help they can get! Please be a champ and donate anything you can!

Gandhi once wrote; “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated. I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man.”

Please stand up and be a voice for all these helpless animals, you will nowhere else find someone that loves you more than he loves himself.

Open your heart and save a life worth saving.

Adeline Vorster

Gypsy at heart | Animal Lover | Movie Monsters & Muscle Cars | Compadre | Eendrag Maak Mag | Elvis is not dead

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4 Responses

  1. Undine says:

    where will it be held would love to volenteer but if its far transport will not be easy

    • Heinrich van den Worm says:

      Hi Undine, it is going to be at the following address:
      Plot 75

      Hope we will see you there 🙂

  2. Jenn says:

    Good Morning,

    @ Undine. I would like to go too and Googled the location and saw that its not that far. +-60km’s. Maybe we should look at car pooling. What do you think?

    Jenn (Field Sales)

  1. November 1, 2012

    […] while back I did a post on The Wet Nose Homeless Animal Day; the post reached a few people and the day also turned out a huge success! I like to think that […]

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