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3 Women Helping Shape SA 0

3 Women Helping Shape SA

Women have been a part of social change for decades, creating a mainstay of normality and function. To honour women for Women’s Day on Tuesday the 9th of August; Junk Mail is showcasing 3 women that harness...

Guinness World Records Day 0

Guinness World Records Day

12 November 2009 is the 5th annual Guinness World Records Day. Guinness  World Records in along with record breakers from around the will celebrating the day that the  Guinness World Records Book became the...

Happy National Women’s Day 0

Happy National Women’s Day

South Africa’s National Women’s is this Sunday (9 August 2009).  This day is more than just a celebration of femininity; it actually holds historical significance for all South Africans.  This national holiday was instituted...