Tattoo Ideas: How to choose an awesome tattoo

For some getting a tattoo is an exhilarating experience. Tattoos are an expression of personal style and they can be a representation of what is meaningful in a person’s life. While browsing through tattoo ideas is helpful, you should choose a tattoo that reflects your unique style. Before committing to a tattoo, read through the following useful advice:


If this is your first tattoo, start with a small design. This will allow you to become familiar with the process and assess your pain threshold. The ribs and elbows are sensitive areas which should be avoided if you are sensitive to pain. It is also advisable to skip these areas if it is your first tattoo. A new tattoo should not be exposed to sun or water so if you love the beach rather get your tattoo done in winter.


An important part of getting a tattoo is picking the right artist. You should choose an artist that has an excellent reputation. Before picking a tattooist, browse through their portfolio to check the quality of their work. Reviewing their designs will also allow you to choose an artist that matches your personal style. As the tattoo will be on your body for the rest of your life it is advisable to pick a more expensive and reputable tattooist.


When you are choosing a design make sure that you pick one that you will be happy to have on your body for the rest of your life. Although inscribing your partner’s name on your body may seem like a good idea at the time, it can lead to problems if you break up. The design should be one that will still be meaningful in years to come.

On the day of your tattoo make sure that you remain calm. Taking a friend with you is a great idea if you are feeling nervous. Once your tattoo is finished, it is important to look after it properly. This includes keeping it dry and applying cream to the area. If you are looking for awesome tattoo ideas, keep reading.

Butterflies create enchanting designs which symbolise freedom. Their delicate wings create enhance the femininity of your body. You can choose an elegant single tone butterfly or you brighten up your body with a colourful design.


Sun tattoos are a great choice for men or women. Tribal sun tattoos symbolise a belief in a higher power. A sun is a good starting point for a tattoo and you can add other elements to the image to create a customised design.


Tattoos of a political leader, philosopher or musician that you admire are another option. You can choose to tattoo images of iconic figures such as Nelson Mandela onto your body.


While choosing a tattoo is a big decision, it is a rewarding experience. The image is an expression of your personality and symbolic tattoos serve as a reminder of what is meaningful in your life.

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