Temperature Tribulations

The temperatures in South Africa are plummeting. Office buildings and school halls everywhere are filled with the teary eyed, and cold exposed.  Junk Mail has noticed the past few cold weeks have also brought about South Africa’s natural flair for innovation and genius solutions to combating the cold.

As we perused through the cold tar roads, the African sun beaming and mocked us through our heated windows.  We came across many intriguing contraptions made by the road workers, not to mention those of our neighbors and friends.

The Cubicle Castles:  We’ve never seen a better heat resister than that of cardboard. Our locals who are vendors on our streets used boards to create temporary wind breakers that really looked quite comfy.

Mesh: This easily attainable loose, woven fabric is a perfect barrier to the cold wind that sneaks in through our homes. They come in an array of colours and can literally be tied around a gate or window within seconds.

Towelie Shawls:  At first the team was looking skew-eyed at this, but when we tried it ourselves, we immediately felt the unique warmth only a towel can give. Towels have a layer of absorbency that gives you that extra warm feeling. We’ve seen some crazy designs on the streets and in the malls.

Headphone Heaters: South African’s are now making the cold work their fashion sense. Add headphones to any situation and you can immediately look the part, of course the main reason you will want to is that the ear-pads really keep the cold out of your ears.

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